Susanna Reid praised for her AMAZING make-up free selfie

We wonder what Piers would have to say about this...

Instagram is FULL of celebrities showing off their perfect lives, perfect make-up and perfect image but Susanna Reid has changed that.

The gorgeous star has shunned the glam squad and shared a photo of herself without an ounce of make-up on and she looks stunning!

The Good Morning Britain presenter shared a before-and-after selfie on her Instagram account which had a powerful and inspiring statement to go with it.

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She captioned the snap: “Me on Instagram = extra eyelashes, make-up & filters. Me in Real life = blemishes, lines & flaws.”

How fantastic does she look?!

The 46-year-old then added: “There’s a time & value for both but don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to others’ highlights reels. Happy Being You Year!”

As you can imagine, users took to her account to praise her for sharing such a personal photo!

One fan said: “👍🏻brilliant! You look beautiful whichever. It’s a shame more famous ladies aren’t prepared to do the same. Xx”

Another wrote: “Great idea this, will help others with body confidence issues, well done u x”

One even said: “Oh my god you look better without your makeup on”

How sweet!

“You look really pretty in both ❤❤”, said one follower.

“Always knew @susannareid100 was naturally very beautiful without makeup 💄💋👠 Xx”

This powerful message to her fans comes shortly after she clashed with co-host Piers Morgan on their show over the subject of ageing.

Piers, being Piers, said it should be “resisted at all costs”.

Susanna quickly retorted by saying she felt “every inch” or her 46 years and said it was an absolute “blessing”.

Quite right too!

“Age is to be welcomed and a blessing,” the mother-of-three said.

“It is a good thing to get older, isn’t it? Consider the alternative…”

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Piers, 51, said getting older was a “curse” and that nobody actually wanted to get older.

Cleverly, Susanna shut him down by pointing out that he didn’t have much choice in the matter so he better get used to it!

Oh, we love her.

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