Susanna Reid fans applaud her no-nonsense New Year’s Resolution

We may well pinch it!

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Susanna Reid has shared her novel idea for a new year’s resolution, suggesting to fans: “Don’t change!”

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 47, said people should recognise that they are “already enough” and stop judging themselves against social media standards.

She wrote on Instagram: “DON’T CHANGE! How about that for a resolution?

“Stop setting yourself up for failure. Don’t use social media as judge or standard-setter.

“You are already enough. Let things unfold.

“Happy New Year.”

Reid’s message went down well on the site, where many followers agreed with her.

“True and well said,” wrote one, while another said: “Probably the best thing I’ve seen written on a social media platform, amen to you, have a great 2018.”

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