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Tuesday 26th May 2020

Susanna Reid left blushing as Piers Morgan teases her on love life

She recently admitted she isn't "entirely single"

Piers Morgan was up to his usual cheeky tricks on Tuesday's Good Morning Britain as he teased Susanna Reid on her relationship status.

Just minutes into the show, Piers read out a recent interview Susanna did in which she admitted she isn't "entirely single."

Keen to know more details, the presenter quizzed Susanna, 47, on her love life and asked about the "nice times" she said she's spent with men.

Susanna was left blushing after Piers' comments (Credit: ITV)

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Reading out Susanna's interview with the Radio Times, Piers quoted: "She hasn't been 'entirely single' since they [referring to Susanna's previous partner] separated."

"She's had some 'nice times' with men," he added, raising his eyebrows.

As Susanna nervously giggled, Piers then read out how Susanna goes to bed at 10pm every night and gets up at 4am for the show.

He quipped: "So, there's quite a small window there for nice times."

Susanna put her face in her hands before quickly saying: "They're early evening nice times, pre-watershed nice times!"

Piers was keen to know more about Susanna's "nice times" with men (Credit: ITV)

Piers added: "How can a nice time even be pre-watershed?" as Susanna replied: "Just going out for dinner."

So, there's quite a small window there for nice times.

Piers, 53, went on to jokingly mock another part of Susanna's interview.

In the interview, Susanna admitted she doesn't feel like she has a "great ambition" and she's never had a career plan.

Piers hit back: "For God's sake. Can you please stop this utter nonsense.  Forgot the sweet little look, I don't think I've ever worked with a more ruthlessly competitive woman in my life."

However, Piers did have some nicer words for his co-presenter.

Piers held up a picture of Susanna from the magazine spread and said she was looking "hot."

Susanna admitted she feels she's in a "constant battle" with Piers on the show (Credit: ITV)

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He said: "I’ve got to say that's a hot picture. I know I’m not allowed to say that but it's hot."

Meanwhile in Susanna's interview, the star revealed she feels she's in a "constant battle" with Piers on the programme.

She told the publication: "Sometimes I open my mouth to ask a question and hear Piers's voice come out.

"You can't help but go into battle with him every morning."

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