Surviving the virus

Surviving the Virus: Viewers ‘speechless’ as man breaks down seeing his twin flatline

The effects of coronavirus

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Surviving the Virus left viewers speechless with an emotional scene of a man flatlining on a hospital bed.

The documentary, aired on BBC One last night (Wednesday, August 5), followed twins Chris and Xand van Tulleken, both of whom are doctors.

Surviving the virus
Surviving the Virus centred on doctor twins Chris (right) and Xand van Tulleken (Credit: Little Gem / BBC)

What happened on Surviving the Virus: My Brother & Me?

It showed them coming to grips with the coronavirus pandemic on a personal as well as professional level.

Xand contracted the deadly bug in March of this year and it left him with an irregular heartbeat.

The programme included one scene in which Xand was sedated so that doctors could send a shock through his body, as part of the treatment for his heart issue.

surviving the virus 4
Xand underwent treatment on his heart (Credit: BBC)

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Chris watched on nervously as Xand, lying on a hospital bed, suddenly gasped and jolted as the shock ran through him.

In the seconds immediately after, the electrocardiogram gave a continuous beep, showing that Xand’s heart had fully stopped.

Doctors tended to him and he came around. Watching on, Chris broke down sobbing with relief behind his mask.

How did viewers react?

The BBC shared a clip, which featured on The One Show earlier this week, of the emotional moment on Twitter.

It left viewers ‘speechless’, while others admitted they found it ‘hard to watch’.

One said simply, “Oh lordy” alongside a crying emoji.

Another confessed: “I bawled when Chris did.”

A third wrote: “It just makes you hold your breath and it’s the longest 10 seconds ever…”

‘Absolutely speechless’

“Incredibly powerful programme showing the reality of COVID-19,” praised a fourth. “As an identical twin feeling very emotional. Massive thank you to all involved.”

Someone else put: “Oh my god. I am absolutely speechless. You two are pretty incredible. What a massively personal and heart (literally) rending moment.”

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A sixth tweeted: “Love these two. I’ve cried every time I’ve watched the clip.”

“Crikey this is a hard watch…” one gobsmacked viewer said.

“Wow… this must have been terrible!” another wrote, adding: “So moving… glad you were there for your brother.”

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