Surprised This Morning viewers criticise doctor’s remark

Dr Ranj later said he hadn't meant to use the word 'popular'

This Morning viewers have shared their surprise after a doctor described eating disorders as becoming a “more popular” concern over the last year.

Dr Ranj was appearing on Thursday’s episode of the ITV daytime programme as part of the Second Opinion clinic when he made the faux pas.

He had been telling hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about viewers’ biggest health concerns over the last year.

Dr Ranj and Dr Sara were on Thursday’s show (Credit: ITV)

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At one stage, he said: “So many people are affected by mental health, about one in four people.

“The commonest disorders we are seeing and talking about in Second Opinion are depressive disorders, anxiety related conditions. We are seeing more and more self harm, particularly amongst young people.

Eamonn and Ruth were today’s hosts (Credit: ITV)

“We are seeing emerging conditions like eating disorders becoming more and more popular. And also men’s mental health has been a big topic this year, particularly in talking about things like suicide, which is extremely important.”

While Dr Ranj was speaking about an important subject, his use of the word “popular” to describe concerns over eating disorders in the last year raised eyebrows among viewers.

Many took to Twitter to voice their surprise at his choice of phrase.

Dr Ranj took to Twitter after the show to say he hadn’t meant to use the phrase “popular”, claiming being under the weather and tired had affected his language.

He tweeted: “Obviously didn’t mean to use the word ‘popular’ on #SecondOpinion this morning when referring to mental health issues… meant to say ‘common’, but my brain is a bit fuzzy from illness/lack of sleep.”

Dr Ranj and Dr Sara spoke in depth today about the most common concerns viewers contacted them about over the past year.

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Among the most talked-about concerns were rashes, fainting and mental health.

Another concern was genetic illness and fainting.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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