SuRie breaks silence after Eurovision stage invasion

She showed incredible professionalism to continue her performance

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SuRie has spoken out for the first time since her Eurovision 2018 performance was interrupted by a stage invader.

The UK’s entry had been performing her track, Storm, at the Lisbon arena when a man rushed onto the stage and grabbed her microphone away.

She has now returned to social media to tweet: “Well, I’ve always said anything can happen at Eurovision…”

SuRie received a wave of support from followers, with one telling her: “You handled the situation amazingly. You stayed so calm and still continued to give an EPIC performance. You made Britain proud.”

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Another said: “You amazing amazing woman. I am so proud of you, you have achieved so much tonight and shown your strength as an artist and as a person! X.”

And a third added: “SuRie you’re incredible. The fact you continued the performance and sang perfectly throughout is phenomenal. You did the UK proud.”

After the stage invader appeared, poor SuRie looked shaken up and was left without a microphone for a few seconds, instead clapping along to the backing track while she waited to get it back.

She went on to finish her performance, earning praise from viewers and commentators for her professionalism.

SuRie was given the option of performing again at the end of the show, but chose not to.

(Credit: Pedro Gomes/Getty Images)
SuRie’s performance was interrupted by a stage invader (Credit: Pedro Gomes/Getty Images)

A statement from Eurovision organisers said: “The UK singer SuRie and her team were offered the option to sing again but decided not to because they were extremely proud of her performance and have decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again.”

The organisers added: “The EBU regrets a stage invasion took place… The person responsible is currently in police custody.”

Commentator Graham Norton and the UK Eurovision team assured viewers that SuRie was “okay”, with Graham praising her “bravery, professionalism and spirit”.

He said: “She can go home with her head held high. She really is a national heroine after what she did tonight – it was extraordinary. I don’t know how she coped in those horrible circumstances.

SuRie’s mic was snatched from her hand (Credit: BBC)

“So, congratulations to SuRie. A lot of people will be watching her performance and cheering her on, and rightly so, because she did a terrific job for the United Kingdom and we’re just sorry that wasn’t reflected in the results.”

Unfortunately for SuRie, she finished third from bottom in the scoring, gaining 48 points.

SuRie was left without a mic for a few seconds (Credit: BBC)

The winning song, from Israel, clocked up 520 points.

Several celebrities have taken to social media to send their best wishes to the singer, and express astonishment she didn’t finish higher up the league table.

The man who invaded the stage appeared to cry out, “Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom.”

It’s been suggested the man is the same person who invaded the National Television Awards in 2018 and The Voice UK in 2017.

He is currently in police custody in Lisbon and no further information has been released.

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