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Supermarkets urge Brits to stop stockpiling as a result of Boris Johnson’s new coronavirus rules

Loo roll shelves are empty again

Supermarkets have urged Brits to stop stockpiling as new pictures show once again show shops with empty shelves.

Echoing the scenes we saw at the height of the pandemic in March, it appears toilet roll is at the top of many stockpilers’ shopping lists.

Pictures of branches of Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury’s in London show the loo roll shelves have been ransacked.

There were also calls for supermarkets to bring back shopping limits, after one shopper at a Surrey branch of Sainsbury’s reported rice and pasta had also fallen victim to panic buying.

Toilet roll shelves at a number of supermarkets appear a little sparse after more stockpiling by Brits (Credit: Splash News)

Why are Brits stockpiling in supermarkets?

It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued new rules in the fight against coronavirus, prompting many to believe a second full lockdown is on the way.

Posting on Facebook last night (September 23), the shopper said: “I see that Boris only has to mention a whiff of ‘lockdown’ and the panic buying has started in earnest.

“Went to Sainsbury’s about an hour ago and no chicken breast anywhere. All the popular rice and pasta has been stripped – not much left. And the beans were getting a bit bare,” they added.

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“Doubtless there’s other things. I can’t believe how bloody selfish some people can be, but hopefully the supermarket will have it covered and bring back limits,” they concluded.

I just don’t understand it what is wrong with these halfwits. It makes me so mad, absolute idiots.

Another shopper commented: “Went to Aldi this evening. Girl on the till told my daughter they were cleared out today. People are selfish, no need for it.”

“Online shopping slots all going again too!” warned another.

The panic buying started after Boris Johnson’s new measures were announced (Credit: Splash News)

“The toilet roll section was looking a little empty this afternoon,” another confirmed.

Time to start ‘limiting items’ again

“It’s ridiculous, perhaps it’s time for the shops to start limiting items!” slammed another.

“I just don’t understand it what is wrong with these halfwits. It makes me so mad, absolute idiots,” another declared.

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As a result, supermarket bosses have urged Brits to stop stockpiling.

Aldi chief executive Giles Hurley has written to customers asking them to “shop considerately”.

He also assured them that stores will continue to be fully stocked.

supermarkets stockpiling
Shoppers were met with empty shelves at the height of the pandemic in March (Credit: Splash News)

‘No need’ to panic buy

He said: “I would like to reassure you that our stores remain fully stocked and ask that you continue to shop considerately.

“There is no need to buy more than you usually would. We have remained open for our customers throughout the pandemic and will continue to have daily deliveries, often multiple times a day, across all of our products.”

Tesco boss Dave Lewis also said stockpiling is “unnecessary”.

Asda, meanwhile, said it hadn’t seen stockpiling in store and had plenty of home delivery slots available.

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