Tesco delivery van. Customers are having to wait three weeks for online deliveries

Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s latest food delivery options explained as Ocado suspends services

"Elderly people will starve"

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Brits are having to wait for up to three weeks for their shopping to be delivered due to supermarkets being swamped with online orders in the coronavirus pandemic.

On social media, swathes of shoppers have complained about the lack of available delivery slots with supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Co-op and Waitrose.

Tesco home delivery no slots available
Many supermarkets have no delivery slots for the next three weeks (Credit: Tesco)

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On Twitter, one shopper complained: “There are no slots. My mum is elderly and really struggling, I’m really poorly at the moment, bedbound and can’t focus enough to help. It’s really stressful.”

Another said: “Online food shopping – ‘No delivery slots available’, that is covering next three weeks up to April 9 on @tesco @sainsbury @m&s Anyone having online orders going through successfully in London?”

No delivery slots for three weeks!

A third tweeted: “People are probably hoarding for their elderly relatives. There are no delivery slots for three weeks anywhere. Elderly people will starve before they catch this virus @Tesco @sainsburys @IcelandFoods

Someone else said: “Thanks @sainsburys we had a delivery booked for this morning, only for it to get cancelled by yourselves at the last minute with no explanation and no one answering the phones. Now, no delivery slots for three weeks! #eatinggrass #drinkingwater.”

A fifth wrote: “How can the fragile elderly, stay at home to avoid coronavirus. All of the delivery slots have been taken by the greedy… there should be priority slots for elderly or we will starve before we get the bug.”

“@Tesco @sainsburys my elderly parents over 75 have been not able to buy milk, bread, toilet paper and other essentials in supermarkets there are no slots available for delivery or collection for the next three weeks? If it’s not corona they will starve.”

Another tweeted: “Tesco: no delivery slots. Asda: no delivery slots. Morrisons: no delivery slots. Sainsbury’s: no delivery slots. That’s every day for the next three weeks booked up for every supermarket.”

It follows reports that online supermarket Ocado has put it online food delivery service on hold.

The company, which has suspended orders until Saturday (March 21), blamed seeing a higher demand than it is able to meet – although those with existing would still receive them.

An Ocado van. The company has suspended orders due to coronavirus
(Credit: Cover Images)

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Amid widespread panic-buying both online and in stores, supermarkets have been introducing strict limits on the number of goods people are able to purchase. Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s have have committed to stopping shoppers from purchasing more than three of the same item.

And in his daily briefing from Downing Street on Thursday (March 19), Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Brits to stop stockpiling, as he insisted: “We’ve got good supply chains farm to fork. There’s no reason for the shops, really, to be empty.”

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