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Wednesday 19th February 2020

Angry Supermarket Sweep viewers brand reboot "disgusting" and "wasteful"

Rylan was a hit though!

The new series of Supermarket Sweep fronted by presenter Rylan Clark-Neal has been slammed for being "wasteful" with food.

The ITV2 reboot, which started last night, sees three pairs of contestants take on several challenges as they try to build as much time as possible for the iconic trolley dash - and the chance to take home £3,000.

But a number of viewers on Twitter were outraged as they watched perfectly good fruit and vegetables chucked on the floor and ruined.

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Some saw it as unnecessary waste and took fire at one moment in particular, in which a contestant threw boxes of grapes on the floor and trampled them as she raced for the checkout.

One viewer tweeted: "Is it me me or did anybody else find #supermarketsweep offensive last night in the waste of food? In this era when people are struggling and having to use food banks, is this sort of TV show really appropriate? @SuperSweepTV may need a rethink or a statement on donating food!"

Another wrote: "#SupermarketSweep Rylan you are great and so far I'm quite liking the show. BUT can't accept the shameful waste of those grapes. What happens to that fruit? Won't watch again if this is the way of things."

I see Supermarket Sweep is doing its bit for reducing food waste...

Someone else said, sarcastically: "I see @SuperSweepTV its doing its bit for reducing food waste. #SupermarketSweep."

A fourth put: "@itv2 #SupermarketSweep I really hope that fruit that's just been destroyed by that utter jerk, isn't real. If it is you should be ashamed about the waste."

"@Rylan watching #SupermarketSweep. Fun BUT why oh why would they use fresh fruit and veg that ends up being thrown about!?" tweeted a fifth, adding: "Disgusting waste, especially when so many people would cry out for the fresh produce!"

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Last month, it was revealed that Supermarket Sweep would be donating all its perishable goods to food banks.

During an appearance on This Morning, Rylan said: "One thing that is amazing, and I want to make sure people know, is that every few days we donate all the foods to food banks.

"For TV purposes we want it to be looking pristine but there's still three, four, five weeks on that fresh produce so we donate it."

Speaking further, he told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: "All the food is real, we replenish it every three or four days and all of the products that are perishable, but still best before, they don't go to waste."

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