Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins says her ‘blood is boiling’ as she slams hunters who killed baby elephant

She didn't hold back

Sue Perkins told her social media followers her ‘blood is boiling’ over a hunter who shot a baby elephant.

On Twitter, the presenter and comedian, 50, took to Twitter for to slam the “baby-killing, murderous” people who thought it “fun” to kill the young animal and an older elephant.

Sue Perkins
Sue Perkins slammed a hunter who killed a baby elephant (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

What did Sue Perkins say about the hunter?

She tweeted, using an expletive: “Baby-killing, murderous [bleeps], all of them.

“My blood is boiling.”

She continued: “What big, strong men they must be, to murder an elephant for fun.”

Sue Perkins
Her post sparked a debate among her followers (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

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The post sparked a big debate among her Twitter followers. Some wondered if the hunter culled the baby elephant – and an adult – under licence due to population control.

Others called the outrage over the killing hypocrisy, since the meat industry butchers cows and other animals.

Still others sided with Sue, branding it “absolutely disgusting”. Some pointed out that the incident apparently happened several years ago.

My blood is boiling

One follower said: “Hang on Sue. If they were hunted in Botswana, it would be under a legit cull licence as the elephant population there is a big problem. The licence fee goes to conservation efforts in other parts of the country.”


Another tweeted: “Still, the question remains why would you even want to? Dress it up all you like, the mentality of this man needs to be queried.”

A third argued, in response to someone pointing out that the beef industry kills 800k cows everyday: “And cavemen hunted mammoths for their fur and meat. Humans consuming meat is eons old. Killing an already endangered animal purely for sport and entertainment is vile.”

‘Vile’ sport

Someone else raged: “This is absolutely disgusting. What enjoyment do you get from shooting an innocent elephant? I hate the smug gun pose after. And while this is not the point, it’s no real achievement when you have a gun and an animal doesn’t. That makes the proud posing even more bizarre.”

A fifth said: “Happened in 2018 and no action was taken against him. He claimed [the elephants] ‘charged unprovoked’. So of course, instead of getting the hell out of the way, he killed them, then posed smiling with the corpses.”

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Sue Perkins is returning to screens on Thursday (July 23) to take part in Dear NHS Superstars – a BBC special that will see a number of famous faces pay tribute to the health service and its workers.

It follows her documentary series, Japan with Sue Perkins, which left viewers sorely divided.

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