Coronation Street stunt left star Catherine Tyldesley having a “breakdown”

Her fear of heights caused her to panic

Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley was left so terrified filming a stunt for her character Eva Price’s upcoming wedding that she had a “breakdown” over her fear of heights.

The soap released a trailer yesterday jam-packed full of teasers for an exciting week of storylines as Eva gets set to wed cheating fiance Aidan Connor.

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Eva knows he’s been having an affair with Maria Connor and the bride-to-be is plotting to take everything from her devious other half.

But things will take a dramatic turn when Aidan confesses his affair on their wedding day. As he pleads with her for forgiveness, she starts to soften and thinks maybe she should go through with the wedding for real.

Aidan confesses and begs Eva to marry him anyway (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

She even tells co-conspirator Adam Barlow that she can’t go through with their plan, leaving him very cheesed off indeed.

But when Maria, who just can’t let it lie, bursts into the ceremony intending the destroy the big day, Eva finally loses it.

The girls end up having a fight in a fountain!

The guests are stunned when the girls end up fighting (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

Speaking at a recent press event, Catherine revealed to “We were in there for two and a half hours but the water was heated so in between takes, it was like a jacuzzi – we were sitting in there with cans of Coke and everything!

“It took a long time though, we were pretty knackered after that fight!”

But it wasn’t the fighting that caused the star to go into a panic – it was her crippling fear of heights. She explained: “I’m very high up at one point.

“I am terrified of heights so that was a real challenge for me – especially when a wasp came. Everyone else thought it was hilarious, but I had a breakdown.

“They are the most challenging scenes I have ever shot. It’s very action packed.”

Eva can’t go through with the plan (Credit: ITV/Twitter)

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But the actress did reveal to the Daily Star that she fortunately didn’t have any injuries from all the dramatic scenes:

“We just went for it – within reason. We were both aware of what we should or shouldn’t do but it was pretty full on.

“We were really pruned and my fake tan was a nightmare but other than that, no I don’t think we did get any injuries. It was good fun.”

The show confirmed yesterday that the week of exciting episodes will coincide with Corrie going to six episodes per week.

The move has been talked about for some time, and now it’s been revealed it will kick off the week of September 20.