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Stunned fans compare Mark Owen to ‘Tiger King’ during Take That reunion

A completely new look

Viewers were left shocked at the appearance of  Take That’s Mark Owen during their reunion concert.

The original band member, 48, looked very different, and some viewers even compared him to the star of Netflix’s  Tiger King documentary Joe Exotic.

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Mark, Robbie Williams, Howard Donald and Gary Barlow regrouped for a virtual concert in aid of charities.

Each singing in from their individual homes, the concert has already earned over 1.5 million streams.

take that concert O2
Gary’s (middle) usual concert look. (Image credit:

While viewers praised the group’s harmonies, Mark’s unusual appearance also had viewers talking.

“Mark Owen thinks he’s Joe Exotic”

Donning bright yellow trousers, a flowery yellow shirt and a cowboy hat – many viewers were left rather surprised.

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Filming from what appears to be his home garage, a Take That poster could be seen in the background.

One viewer quipped on Twitter: “Why does Mark Owen now look like Tiger King extra? #meerkatmusic #takethat.”

While another joked: “Mark Owen thinks he’s Joe Exotic. @takethat.”

take that mark owen concert
Mark Owen looked quite quirky (Image credit: YouTube/Compare The Market)

A third user queried: “What in the [bleep] does Mark Owen look like! Like Crocodile Hunter meets Tiger King!”

And a fourth claimed: “Why have they got rid of Mark Owen and replaced him with the Tiger King?”

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And yet another asked: “Why is Mark Owen trying to look like the Tiger King?!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it”

Tiger King is of course the Netflix series that became a mega-hit during lockdown.

Starring Joe Exotic, real name Joseph Allen Schreibvogel, the eccentric zookeeper continuously wore eccentric outfits.

Joe Exotic in Tiger King
Viewers thought Mark looked exactly like Joe Exotic from Tiger King (Credit: Netflix)

Jokes aside, the concert was overall deemed a huge success.

Fans of the classic ’90s boyband rushed to praise their efforts.

“Well done boys”

One YouTube viewer commented: “They’re actually all really talented and not just a one trick pony, thoroughly enjoyed it. Let’s hope this is the start of things to come because every time they come back they still dominate the charts.”

And a second user gushed: “Can’t believe I’ve been to a Take That Concert. Absolutely fantastic. Well done boys you where fantastic x.”

Another very satisfied fan praised: “Omg. That was just what the doctor ordered to lift spirits and make us feel good.. only problem is it was over far too quickly… xxx fab.”

Streamed by Compare The Market’s official YouTube channel, streaming earnings are being donated across several charities.

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