Saturday Night Takeaway TEASE: Stroppy Amanda Holden pranked by Ant and Dec in undercover wind-up

BGT star has 'don't you know who I am?' moment on Saturday Night Takeaway

Amanda Holden looks to be moments away from blowing her top with a TV assistant in the first celebrity sting of the new series of Saturday Night Takeaway.

Ant and Dec’s Britain’s Got Talent co-star gets a little bit stroppy as she’s repeatedly referred to as ‘Mandy’ by the crew member, fed cheeky lines through an earpiece by the lads as part of an Undercover prank that also sees the pair invade her set as she presents for shopping channel QVC.

Hilariously, Amanda jokes she thought she was being wound up as part of an Ant and Dec sketch before she realises the truth.

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Does Mandy Pandy like pudding and pie? (Credit: ITV)

Seen in her dressing room beforehand, Amanda has no idea she is being filmed.

Briefed by the assistant – receiving instructions from the lads – Amanda is told: “I have to call you Mandy, is that right?”

A puzzled and slightly irritated Amanda shakes her head as she replies “no” – but the assistant continues to call the BGT judge ‘Mandy Pandy’, much to the amusement of the lads watching in secret.

Having a right old snigger at their BGT mate (Credit: ITV)

“Who’s Mandy Pandy? You know I’m Amanda Holden?” the star laughs uncomfortably, creeping closer to a possible full on diva moment.

She continues: “My nan had a cat called Mandy and I say to everyone please don’t call me Mandy.”

“Then I shall call you Mandy… Pandy,” the seemingly oblivious assistant emphasises, much to Amanda’s frustration who says she can call her whatever her like.

“Thanks Mandy,” the assistant cheerfully says as she leaves – before being prompted by Ant to add ‘Pandy’ – leaving the lads in hysterics.

A bewildered Amanda remarks to another member of the production team: “This is such a comedy day.

“I thought I was part of an Ant and Dec wind up.”

You can’t fool Amanda. Well, maybe (Credit: ITV)

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See the full sketch on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway as the series returns to ITV tomorrow, Saturday 24th February, at 7pm. 

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