Strictly: Will Young’s ‘reason’ for quitting is INFURIATING

Singer won’t be winning any popularity contests

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Hmmm… We’re not sure what to believe. One minute we’re told that Will Young quit Strictly because of his run in with judge Len Goodman, the next folks are saying he walked because he knew he couldn’t win.

According to loose-lipped pals – oh who needs friends like that, eh? – Will felt like he didn’t stand a chance against some of the other contestants like Danny Mac who has taken judges and viewers by surprise with his nifty moves on the dancefloor

The snitch told The Sun: “It became obvious that despite his huge dance background he was never going to be a contender because there are so many better celebs.

“The few previous contestants to go have quit because they’re injured or a family member has died – not because they feel they can’t win.”

The, ahem, friend also explained to the paper that whenever Will takes on a challenge he wants to win but “felt out of his depth on the show”.

Could this be true? Erm, who knows. If so, it’s infuriating as we reckon Will had it in him to go all the way!

However, other pals have suggested that Will’s ongoing battle with anxiety could have played a part in his sudden exit.

Just a few weeks ago, Will spoke openly about taking medication and visiting a therapist to combat “extreme hypervigilance of the nervous system” that left him feeling very anxious..

“It’s very isolating. There’s a part of my brain that is telling me that you’re about to die, you either shut down, freeze or you run. The only thing I can do is go to bed.”

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