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Strictly’s Frankie Bridge worries she doesn’t match up to other mums

It's definitely a feeling that all mothers get at some point!

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For all mums, trying to juggle your life when you have little ones is the biggest challenge of all, especially when you are normally the one that organises the whole family.

So for all the money they may have, even celebrity mums feel the worry that you’re not quite as on it as some of the more seemingly perfect mums at the school gate.

Frankie bridge and kids (Credit: Instagram)
Frankie with her two sons Carter and Parker (Credit: Instagram)

Strictly star and Saturdays singer Frankie Bridge is no exception and has been having a few doubts on her Instastories.

First she started off with a post of a picture showing her in her walk in wardrobe that simply said:

‘How do other parents get their shiz together enough to wear makeup and actual clothes for the drop off?!’

The question on ALL mum’s lips! (Credit: Instagram)

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It then went on to a video of her talking about watching her son go in to nursery, she said:

“I’ve become a bit of a nursery drop off hog because I really like to be the one that sees them going in and sees that little smiley face when they go in – I like to know that they’ve gone in happy.”

Frankie Bridge (credit: Instagram)

Nothing wrong with that Frankie, most mums like to make sure their kids go in happy, otherwise you’re left with a screaming child holding onto your leg, and nobody likes that!

She then went on to reveal that the pickup is her favourite moment of the day:

“Selfishly The pickup is my absolute  favourite if I have to chose one because I love their little faces – they’re so happy to see you when they come out – just that ‘Mummmmmy’ when they run towards you is the best feeling ever.”

Frankie Bridge (Credit: Instagram)

Awww, see you’re doing something right if you get that response.

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But it was the last post that saw the 29-year-old mum of two questioning her mum skills.

Captioned with the words: ‘Any other mums have those days where you feel like you’re not as on it as the other mums?’

Frankie bridge (Credit: Instagram)

And with a video of the singer saying: “Today however I had a massive Mummy fail, I forgot Parker’s swimming stuff, I only realised when I got there.

“I just keep forgetting what day it is, but then it makes me feel really rubbish like I’m one of those mums that’s just not on it.”

Oh Frankie, you got him up, out the door and into nursery, that’s a great start.

Start worrying when you drop your kids to school and realise it’s actually an inset day!

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