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Strictly star goes completely NAKED in photoshoot

Look at those abs!

You know the old saying “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”? Alexandra Burke does. The Strictly star has stunned fans by stripping completely naked to show off her washboard stomach.

And her modesty is only covered by her perfectly toned arms and crafty leg placement.

Alexandra Burke has nothing to be shy about (Credit: Women’s Health UK)

We thought we’d seen all of the flesh Alex would flash in her barely-there outfits on Strictly, until Women’s Health magazine dropped the images of the 29-year-old singer in their latest issue.

Alexandra showed off her washboard abs (Credit: Women’s Health UK)

And it seems there’s barely an inch of fat on her, as her hardcore workout routine – more than five days a week in the gym, and six small healthy meals a day – has taken effect.

Fans were quick to pay tribute to how fantastic she looked, with one saying: “Gorgeous, strong women are what we need.”

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Credit: Rocky/WENN/com
Alexandra was curvier in 2015 (Credit: Rocky/WENN/com)

Alexandra told Women’s Health UK: “By the summer of 2015, I’d piled on three dress sizes over two years, going from a size eight to a 14.

“My hectic tour schedule meant that I’d often skip the gym, miss meals and then gorge on takeaways late at night.”

Credit: Lia Toby/
Alexandra at an awards ceremony in 2014 (Credit: Lia Toby/

And her weight loss isn’t just to go as far as she can in Strictly.

The Broken Heels singer revealed that since her mother, Melissa Bell, passed away from diabetes she’s much more worried about her diet.

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After scoring a healthy 39 points on Strictly last weekend, Alexandra broke down while saying she wished her mum had been there to watch her perform.

No doubt she’d have been incredibly proud of you Alex – and your unbelievable physique!

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