Strictly star Ben Cohen reveals fears he wouldn’t see his children grow up after health scare

Ben has three daughters

Strictly star Kristina Rihanoff’s partner Ben Cohen has revealed he feared he wouldn’t see his three daughters grow up after a terrifying health scare.

Rugby player Ben almost died after developing glandular fever, sepsis and pericarditis – a swelling around the heart.

Ben has twins Hariette and Isabelle, nine, from a previous relationship and Milena, one, with Kristina.

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Speaking to OK! magazine about being taken to hospital Ben revealed: “I hadn’t been feeling right for a few days – I had a sore throat and swollen glands and I was so lethargic that I could barely walk.

“One morning I woke up with a tight chest and I knew something wasn’t right, so I took myself off to the doctor.”

The 38-year-old continued: “At hospital I had an ECG and irregularities in my heart were spotted. After a few more tests they diagnosed me with glandular fever and pericarditis.

“They told me if I hadn’t gone to hospital when I did I would have been dead within a few days because it was causing an infection in my blood stream.”

Ben explained that he was in hospital for four days and during that time all he could think about was his three girls.

He said: “I didn’t think about anything materialistic or all the lovely things we have. I was just worried that I wouldn’t live to see my daughters grow up.

“When I eventually got home, I bawled my eyes out – it hit me how scary the whole situation had been.”

Speaking about seeing Ben in hospital Kristina, 39, said: “I rushed straight to the hospital. When I got there and saw him in so much pain, I burst into tears.”

The doting dad went on to say that he’s still recovering from glandular fever.

The Russian dancer and Ben welcomed their first child together, Milena, last June.

Kristina announced her pregnancy during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother last year.

The blonde beauty met Ben on the set of Strictly Come Dancing and are now looking into the future and discussing wedding plans.

Speaking about the possiblity of getting married Kristina told the publication: “Someday maybe, but there’s no rush.

“We’re just enjoying our time together at the moment.”

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And the couple are pretty content with the size of their family at the moment too.

When asked if they would like to have more children Ben said: “I don’t want any more kids, we’ve got a house full now.

“We have a good dynamic and I’m not sure it would be fair to throw another one into the mix.”

Meanwhile Kristina revealed: “We have a very happy family life at the moment, Mila has two great older sisters who adore her.”

Kristina left Strictly in 2015 to focus on her family life with Ben.

When asked if she misses working on the BBC series Kristina admitted: “I left that show without any regrets.

“I wanted to go back to being my own boss and being able to work when I wanted.

“Maybe one day I’ll go back but my passion would lie with working creatively behind the scenes or as a judge.”

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