Car REVERSES INTO Chanelle Hayes as she walks through car park

Cruel motorist then abused reality star for being overweight

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Chanelle Hayes had one of those days today.

The TV personality, 28, was absolutely fuming after s man hit her, and then proceeded to criticise her weight before driving off.

How rude?!

Chanelle took to Instagram to upload a scathing rant about the horrible man.

In the post, she wrote: “Whichever absolute d******* just reversed his car into me in Tesco carpark at Berkeley circle when I was walking along doing absolutely nothing wrong… try looking where you’re going in future.

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“And if u do happen to reverse into someone again, maybe just say sorry of calling me a “fat c*** who needs to get my arse to the gym”.

“Learn how to drive, learn some manners and tell ur smug girlfriend who was laughing at me in the passenger seat that she’s the one to be laughed at being with a compete n** like you!!!! Rage!!”

Yes Chanelle! Tell him!

She labelled the post: “Especially for the stupid d*** at Tesco in Scunthorpe #mug.”

It’s not the first time she has been a victim to fat-shaming though.

The Big Brother contestant suffered so many attacks on social media when she shot up to a size 16 two years after slimming down to a tiny size eight.

To shut everybody up, the brave lady made an appearance on Loose Women wearing nothing but a bikini.

Talking to Mail Online earlier this year she remained strong and refused to get down about it.

“Sometimes I get upset by it but then I just think eat a croissant and get over it… I’m so glad I was in my bikini when I went on Loose Women!”

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Before continuing later: “Everything’s online and they wouldn’t dare say it to your face. I’m over it, I don’t care, the people I care about, if they said you look ridiculous I think maybe I should change but when it’s online I think: ‘What do you look like?!'”

Screw the haters!

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