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Friday 7th August 2020

Eamonn Holmes has "longest night ever" as he continues to battle illness

We really feel for you, Eamonn

Poor Eamonn Holmes is still suffering from what we all dread this time of year: a nasty illness.

The television presenter fell sick last week and was forced to pull out of co-hosting duties with wife Ruth Langsford on This Morning on Friday.

And now, five days later, he's still not back to full health.

Eamonn's still feeling rotten (Credit: Instagram @eamonnholmes)

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In a series of tweets anyone who has ever been unwell will relate to, Eamonn said last night: "Why do these Coughs & Colds get WORSE at night?

"Just when u dare to believe u may be improving. I can't take another night of this.. (sic)."

He followed up by saying: "This is turning into the longest night of my life. Okay cough - you win. Abandoning any attempt to sleep. There better be something good on The Telly (sic)."

We SO feel for you, Eamonn.

This is turning into the longest night of my life. Okay cough - you win.

And we've ALL been there when ill, right? Desperate to sleep and recuperate, but coughs, runny noses, aches and pains keep us awake.

Poor Eamonn isn't even sure if he can make the glamorous National Television Awards this evening.

When one fan asked if he'd be there, he replied: "Not sure Sue ..... Ruth would like me to but in the balance."

Many more simply offered Eamonn well-wishes and home remedies that may ease his symptoms.

Eamonn had to pull out of Friday's This Morning with wife Ruth Langsford last week (Credit: ITV)

As well as pulling out of This Morning last Friday, he was forced to hand over the reins of his brand new talkRADIO show to Richard Madeley on Monday.

Eamonn later tweeted: "Just want to say Big Thank you to Top man [Richard] for bailing me out this week on talkRADIO. Not the best timing to get a Talk show and lose my voice all in the same week (sic)."

The newly-appointed OBE gave fans an update on his health on Monday afternoon via a video posted to Instagram.

Eamonn still isn't back to full health (Credit: Instagram @eamonnholmes)

He posted the clip with the caption: "Just a progress report. Def not better yet but doing my best. Thanks for all your remedies and good wishes (sic)."

Sounding croaky, the telly favourite explained he'd taken painkillers to allow him to record the video, and said he still wasn't feeling his best.

Jokingly calling himself "the patient", he told fans: "I've taken enough antiseptic painkillers to speak to you now but, basically, for the last three days I haven't been able to speak.

"I have a terrible cough and cold and a very, very sore throat."

Poor old Eamonn! (Credit: Instagram @eamonnholmes)

Eamonn continued: "I just way to say it's so disappointing because I have my gig on talkRADIO and for anyone tuning in and expecting me to be there, I am sorry but I'll do my best to be back soon.

"Thanks for all your good wishes."

Thousands of fans viewed the video, with many sending Eamonn advice on how to heal and well-wishes.

Hopefully Eamonn will be well enough to join wife Ruth on This Morning this Friday.

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Introducing the ITV show solo last week, Ruth had told viewers: "They're dropping like flies in my house.

"[Our son] Jack was off all week with the lurgy, and this morning Eamonn woke up with no voice. He was literally having to write notes."

Ruth introduced This Morning solo last week (Credit: ITV)

Eamonn, meanwhile, tweeted that day: "Things not good today folks.... Got an impossibly sore throat. Don't need this - sooo much to do - but unfortunately Talking is my business. Bloomin Heck it hurts".

Eamonn was in pain (Credit: Twitter)

Get well soon, Eamonn!