Stephen Mulhern tells fib to his boss Simon Cowell on live TV

Viewers were swift in proving the telly presenter's facts wrong!

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BGT host Stephen Mulhern has been branded a liar by viewers.

The funny magician was playing a hilarious guessing game on Britain’s Got More Talent last night when he came a cropper with inquisitive viewers at home.

The point of the game was for the show’s judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon to guess what was the most common question people Googled about them.

The judges had to guess what were the most popular questions asked about them on Google. (Credit: ITV)

When it came to David’s turn, David and Simon reckoned the answer might be: “Is David Walliams… gay?”

But Stephen revealed that the answer was in fact: “Is David Walliams… dating Simon Cowell?”

Stephen claimed the most popular question asked about David Walliams was – is he dating Simon Cowell? (credit: ITV)

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The Little Britain star and shocked Simon burst into laughter and demanded to know if that really was the most common question asked about the funnyman.

Simon thought the question about him and David dating was hilarious but demanded proof (Credit: ITV)

Stephen said it was and informed them that it had actually been “verified” by experts.

David told Stephen he and Simon would check the answer when they were in bed together later (Credit: ITV)

David laughed and said: “When we’re lying in bed together tonight, we can Google the answer.”

And they were right to be suspicious, because viewers at home did their own research and discovered that Stephen was wrong or had been telling pork pies.

Several viewers shared screenshots of their Google search that revealed the true answers.

Unconvinced viewers checked Google themselves and said Stephen was wrong. Or lying! (Credit: ITV)

And, it turns out – if you’re interested – the most often asked questions about David are:

“Is David Walliams dead?”

“Is David Walliams single?”

“Is David Walliams writing a new book?”

“Is David Walliams in Stardust?”.

Is David Walliams dating Simon Cowell doesn’t seem to appear in a Google search (Credit: Twtter)

One swotty viewer said he had Googled all the presenters and said that NONE of the answers on BGMT were correct.

This was just another outrageous moment on Britain’s Got More Talent that had people posting all over social media.

BGMT has proved to be a hit with viewers after David flashed his bum at Simon on Monday! (CREDIT: ITV)

In Monday’s show, viewers were Tweeting their pleasure when David cheekily flashed his bottom at Simon Cowell.

A horrified Simon said he wasn’t paid enough to deal with David flashing. We somehow doubt that! (CREDIT: ITV)

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As David unveiled a cheeky pair of tattoos on his bottom cheeks, Simon jumped out of his seat and said “I’m not paid enough to deal with this.”

Viewers thought the exchange was hilarious and posted in their droves about how funny they thought it was.