Stephen Bear says there’s more to split from Charlotte Crosby than we know

The mystery deepens...

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The Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby saga continues after their spilt was announced, and it seems like it’s about to get a bit messy…

While most people would keep their relationship woes private as they deal with their heartache, reality veteran Stephen has taken to Snapchat to create more interest in the ongoing drama.

Posting on the social media app, the former Ex On The Beach star teased his followers that there was more to his split with Charlotte than they knew, admitting there was “lots of stuff [people] don’t know” about why the break up happened.

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“I don’t usually go on social media to deal with this, but we’ve broken up,” he said.

“There is a lot of stuff you don’t know, a lot of stuff.

“Whatever… you’ll probably hear a load of bad stuff come out about me but I’m used to it. ‘Bear’s this, Bear’s that, Bear’s nasty, Bear’s horrible’.

“But I’ve been a good boyfriend.

“Now officially I’m single and all you can do is put your sunglasses on, go again and keep strong.”

Keen to enjoy his time on holiday he then proceeded to sun himself at the glam Wet Republic Ultra Pool at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

“I thought I would hit one of the pool parties and I walked in and it’s gone off,” the lairy rascal said.

In spite of breaking Charlotte’s heart, he showed off to his fans his party lifestyle in Vegas (Credit: Snapchat)

“I have one of the best tables, as you do.”

And to rub in the fact he is living the life of Riley, the flamboyant reality star showed off his poolside table, that was weighed down with booze, teasing fans: “Mate, this is banging!”
Of course while he is living it up in Vegas, Charlotte is having to come to terms with the fact she is now single.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun: “Charlotte literally had no idea Stephen thought their relationship was in a bad way.

“They kissed and said goodbye when he flew to Las Vegas and he had been a great support to her over these past few days with everything to do with Gaz.

“She logged on to Twitter and saw his message, she’s in pieces and can’t believe her fairytale ending has been shattered.”

It was also revealed that Bear – shockingly – actually got someone else to write the heartbreaking message that rocked Charlotte’s life.

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“Bear messaged the team who look after his Twitter and asked them to come up with something as he couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her.

“He was in Vegas but sent them over roughly what he wanted to say and let them do the rest.”