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Stephanie Davis suffers embarrassing accident on plane as she takes baby Caben on his first holiday

The former CBB star has learned it's not always easy to travel with an infant

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Stephanie Davis has endured a tough time lately so no doubt she couldn’t wait to jet off abroad with baby son Caben for his first foreign holiday.

Unfortunately for Steph, her vacation didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts after an embarrassing incident on the plane left her looking like she’d wet herself.


Instagram @StephanieDavis88
Stephanie Davis has jetted off abroad with baby Caben [Credit: Instagram @StephanieDavis88]

She chuckled while recounting a mishap on the plane [Credit: Twitter]

The 24-year-old former Hollyoaks star couldn’t help giggling about the mishap which happened when Caben, eight months, upended a can of fizzy drink on the plane all over his mum.

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She told fans: “Caben was a dream – bar he pulled a whole can of San Pellegrino all over me… so now I’m walking through the airport like I’ve wet myself.”

Followers were quick to join Steph in laughing about the accident, with one telling her: “Mum problems!”

Another said: “My son did the same! Only it was to another passenger. I’d never been so embarrassed!”

A third added: “The joys of motherhood haha!”

Instagram @StephanieDavis88
Stephanie said Caben was fascinated by the bustle of the airport [Credit: Instagram @StephanieDavis88]

It hasn’t dented Stephanie’s excitement about her holiday, however, as she treated Caben to his first plane journey as they escape the recent cold weather in England.

She shared a slew of pictures to social media showing them together at the airport and one of Caben snuggled up on her lap waiting for take off.

Instagram @StephanieDavis88
The star wore a tracksuit for her flight [Credit: Instagram @StephanieDavis88]

Stephanie is focusing all her attention on baby Caben following a difficult few months which included suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage and ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell receiving a suspended jail sentence for assaulting her earlier in the year.

When one Instagram follower said it “must suck” to be going on holiday with a baby at 24 and not partying, Steph replied to say she was more than happy with her life.

Stephanie, seen with a younger Caben, told a fan she preferred waking up with her son than waking up with a hangover [Credit: Instagram @StephanieDavis88]
She said: “My life is 1000 times better going away with my son over partying in so many ways, thank you.

“Waking up with a hangover, or waking up next to my beautiful son who makes my whole world light up… I’m very lucky, nights out are the same over & over and boring.

“I’m a lovely age to be a mum & my son gives a whole new meaning to life. I’m so lucky.

“One day you will see. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Instagram @StephanieDavis88
Caben was born in January [Credit: Instagram @StephanieDavis88]

Instagram @StephanieDavis88
Steph has said she wouldn’t change her life with Caben for anything [Credit: Instagram @StephanieDavis88]

Meanwhile, the brunette also admitted she struggled to pack for her first holiday away with a baby, asking fans if it was normal to be bringing the entire kitchen sink in her luggage.

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“Trying to pack to go away with your baby is not even funny…. It’s like we’re moving for a ….YEAR!…we might do lol!” she joked.

“One full big suitcase for Caben, one big suitcase for me….a pram, Caben & a hand bag.. Lord help me, don’t know how I’m going to do it.”

Perhaps next time, she should leave the San Pellegrino at home, though…

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