Has Stephanie Davis secretly given birth? Her fans think so!

The former Hollyoaks actress's bump appears to have 'disappeared'

We all know Stephanie Davis is preggers (she doesn’t stop tweeting about it!).

But she has a habit of hiding her bump really well and this time fans are convinced that she’s had her baby already.

Taking to Instagram, the 23-year-old shared a pic wearing a black T-shirt dress and over-the-knee denim boots.

She captioned the image: “Out to town for food with my girly 💓💁🏻Its gonna be busy after the match! Love this top and boots from @LasulaBoutique feeling👌🏼”.

The Big Brother star then shared another snap with her pal.

Writing: “Every Blonde needs a Brunette 💋  looking forward to tonight💓😉”.

Many fans could not believe how amazing she looked for eight months pregnant, while others were confused as to where her bump was.

One person wrote: “Are u pregnant still?”

Another added: “Have u had ur bubba u look amazing.”

While a fan tweeted her: “That top is doing a great job of hiding your bump xx”.

The former Hollyoaks actress may have looked gorgeous, but she revealed to fans that just hours before she was still suffering.

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She tweeted: “Sick of throwing up😔 Everyday.”

But Steph is still making the most of every moment of her pregnancy.

She even has a “special song” with her son.

She filmed her baby kicking while Shania Twain’s From This Moment on played in the background.

Captioning the clip with: “Only little wriggles tonight. Tired mummy and tired baba.”

She added: “I’m so blessed, so lucky, just an absolute miracle to be able to carry my son and watch him every single day grow, kick, hiccup, till he’s ready to arrive and be in my arms to love forever.

“I cannot wait to be an amazing mother, and him to smile looking up at his mummy.

“We have done it baby boy… me and you together through all the crap certain people tried to throw at us, we stayed strong and especially you my little fighter.

“You have grown into a healthy chunky baby boy hehe.”

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The 23-year-old is currently eight months pregnant.

Stephanie Davis has left fans confused when she posted her latest photo online.

She finished with: “It’s nearly time to say hello, I’m so so proud of you for making it through all of this, I’m sorry at times it was probably stressful but I did my best and we both survived the storm.

“Feel so emotional writing this, as words just could never describe… how much I love you.”

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