Stephanie Davis in nasty Twitter spat with Love Island girl she claims bedded Jeremy

Former Hollyoaks actress now flirting with reality star's ex in retaliation!

Stephanie Davis, take some advice: ditch Jeremy, stay home, look after your son and unborn baby and steer clear of social media.

That way, we reckon you will live a happy life once and for all.

But sadly Steph is yet to take that advice.

Steph is angry with the Love Island star because she thinks they have set together after being seen together (credit: Instagram)

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Just a week after she allegedly thwacked Jeremy in the mush, leaving him with all manner of injuries, Steph is on the war path yet again – after he was spotted leaving a Dublin nighterie with Love Island reject Shannen Reilly McGrath (no we can’t really remember her either).

Steph thinks this means the two have been up to no good which, based on Jeremy’s past behaviour, we can totally understand.

So no sooner had the pics appeared on online news sites and Steph was calling out Shannen for wrecking her relationship. (Like apparently giving Jeremy a smack didn’t make it pretty awkward!)

Shannen was on Love Island for a split second, so don’t feel bad if you can’t remember which identikit blonde who was (credit: ITV)

In a rage, Stephanie demanded to know from the Love Island star what exactly was going on between the two of them, demanding her to “tell the truth!”

However, Dubliner Shannen, wasn’t having any of it and strongly denied the accusation that had been chucked at her by the paranoid CCB star!

She hit back maintaining that Jeremy was just a friend, which we hope for her sake is true, bearing in mind his past history.

However, Steph told Shannen that Jeremy has told her everything, suggesting that Shannen had tried to woo him and break him and Steph apart!

See… for a short time Stpoh and Jez were a happy family (credit: Instagram)

In a series of ranty messages, Steph demanded of the Love Island star to know the truth and threatened to “shame” her.

“Were you ever going to tell me anything? Girl to girl,” the former child star raged.

“I have the proof now. So lie or be honest. Your choice.

“He has sold you down the river and said it was all you.

“You really wanna be seen as the woman who broke up a home? Because that’s what he’s saying.

“He’s said it to win me back. You gonna let him [bleep] all over you?

“Want me to send you the messages from Jeremy? Or can you for once in your life be a girl to girl and be honest.

“I have the proof. Don’t lie baby girl or I’ll shame you.

“Just know I have all against you [sic]. I let you have the chance to be honest. But you haven’t. Game over now.

“Look forward to tomorrow. Was gonna give you your day.

“Just know I have you a chance. [Bleeped] it. Got all the proof I need and more. Liar. Bye bye.”

Meanwhile, in a blatant attempt to make Jez jealous, Stephanie, who is currently on bail after being arrested on suspicion of GBH, has been flirting with Dan O’Doyle, a mate of Jeremy’s.

Steph is supposedly flirting with Jeremy’s mate Dan O’Doyle, who also just happened to date Shannen (credit: Instagram)

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Not only that, Dan also just happened to once date Shannen! So we can see what Steph’s trying to do here.

What the girls need to do is sit down, have it out and move on.

Or better still, we reckon the best thing for Ms Davis to do is what we said at the start.

Stop playing these stupid games and be a mum!