Stephanie Davis hits back at mum shamers after sharing innocent photo of Caben

People told trolls to "give her a break"

Stephanie Davis shared a sweet photo of her best friend helping her out while she was feeding her son but had to defend herself in what was a very innocent snap shot of mum life.

Mum to nine-month-old Caben-Albi, Steph shared a funny photo of Jay Roberts giving her a glass of water as she had her hands rather full.

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Laughing at the predicament she found herself in, she wrote: “Feeding time at the zoo😂 When Mum doesn’t get a minute & is so thirsty so Jay has to give me water whilst i feed caben😂👏🏼 What would I do without him😂👏🏼💙.”

She then used the hashtags: “#bedtime #nightfeed #bestmates #family #photo.”

But after sharing the photo, Steph went back in to add to her caption after she got negative comments.

Explaining herself, the former Hollyoaks actress wrote: “No, Caben can’t hold his own bottle yet. I have one arm holding him and the other feeding him, therefore… I have no hands free, and he’s half asleep… so I can’t pick up my water… think about it. Jee whizz.”

All of the negative comments have now been deleted, but sweetly, her fans defended her.

One said: “Wow I love how everyone’s picking on this picture so what if she’s feeding her baby the bottle it’s up to her if he doesn’t want to hold it himself… if you don’t like the post unfollow her and look at something else you all have too much time on your hands.”

Another added: “Every child is different and just because we all see a snap shot of someone’s life doesn’t mean we should judge!

“She loves and adores that little lad and she’s doing an amazing job just like the rest of us mummy’s just give her a break.”

A third wrote: “As if she has to justify having a glass of water?”

Some were also telling Steph to marry her bezzie Jay as he looked like perfect man, but the Liverpool-born star may have her sights set on somebody else.

She is rumoured to be dating TOWIE’S Ricky Rayment – the ex-fiance of her reality star rival, Marnie Simpson, after splitting with ex Jeremy McConnell earlier this year.

The rumours are flying after the pair were spotted flirting on Twitter, with a string of suggestive emojis and what seem to be private jokes.

In addition to Marnie, Ricky Rayment previously dated TOWIE’s Jessica Wright for two years between 2012 and 2014.

The flirting started after she shared a pic on Instagram of a bubble-filled hot tub with views of Sweden, and Ricky responded with a series of emojis – including a flirty heart-eyes one.

She then followed up with a kissing lips emoji and a series of blushing faces. Ooo!

The flirting continued when Ricky posted saying he was “stressed”, to which Stephanie speedily responded with a series of cryptic emojis – including an apple and a plane…no, we can’t make sense of it either. So it’s an inside joke then, is it?

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Ricky came right back in a flirty fashion, writing “I know!! It sucks! But I’m sorting out a fishing trip instead,” followed by a tongue out emoji and another heart eyes emoji.

Forget the fishing trip… is Stephanie his “catch of the day”?

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