Stephanie Davis distracts from Jeremy McConnell drama with new hair do

Just a warning Steph, Caben-Albi is going to LOVE pulling on/ eating those curls

She’s spent most of this year taking over our social media news feeds for being in the most complicated relationship of all time, and somehow managed to fit in having a baby in the midst of it all.

But Stephanie Davis has decided to turn attention away from whether her and boyfriend Jeremy are currently following each other on Instagram/ in love/ hate each other etc and focus on something a bit simpler: her hair.

Swapping her usual dark shoulder length hair for a hot long highlighted ‘do, Steph posted to say a lovely thanks to her hairdresser on Instagram.

She told her followers: “Thank you to my AMAZING @zestliverpool @joshkelly89 for my lovely new hair and the most amazing hair extensions I’ve used, seriously though, never knotty, always like brand new!”

Warning Steph: Caben will still try and eat them.

The caption on this pic sparked concern from Steph’s fans as they thought it was a ‘goodybe tweet’ (Credit: Twitter)

Meanwhile this week sees the start of a new series of Big Brother, the show where Steph met Jeremy – her son Caben’s father – in the first place.

And while that might bring back some happy memories, she might also be watching over a pillow too, as the Sun Online is reporting that her former – note the ‘former’ – best mate JSky will be entering the house.

Stephanie was close to blogger JSky during the time that she was accused of turning up to work drunk on set at Hollyoaks and also when she split up from Jeremy, before she announced her pregnancy. So it’s safe to say he’s got the goss.

On right now but check in with us in a few days to see if that’s still the situation (Credit: Twitter)

A pal of Steph, who is mum to Caben-Albi, told The Sun Online: “Steph was horrified when she heard JSky was entering the Big Brother house.”

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It’s not the only tricky situation in Steph’s life at the moment as reports have suggested she has fallen out with her family – who she used to be super-close to – after giving her baby her boyfriend’s surname.

The move comes despite Jeremy failing to be around for the duration of her pregnancy, denying paternity, the small matter of that court case and about a thousand other dramas in between.

Steph’s mum even unfollowed her daughter on Twitter and when your mum unfollows you, things are serious.

Steph and Jez are loved up again – for now (Credit: Instagram)

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Steph also sparked worries when she posted a picture of her and Caben that said ‘So long guys’ but didn’t elaborate on who the goodbye was to.

On the plus side – gawd, there’s a lot to keep up with with you, Steph Davis – a source has told OK! Magazine that Jeremy and Steph are happy together and loved up with baby Caben-Albi at the moment.

“Family life is great, they are both smitten,” said the source, who we presume checked their Facebook for updates as they were on the phone to OK! as the situation does change by the second.

The source added: “They are now cracking on with their careers and a move to Hollywood in 2018 could be on the cards.”

Luckily for Steph, that’s one place she won’t be short of hairdressers to provide massive, bouncy hair extensions.

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