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Monday 18th February 2019

Stephanie Davis shares harrowing picture taken during 'suicidal' breakdown

She spoke out for Mental Health Awareness Week

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis has shared a candid photo from her darkest period to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

The 25-year-old said she wanted to post an image that showed the extent of her breakdown, rather than a glamorous image that didn't reflect the realities of the situation.

Stephanie's harrowing picture sees her staring at the camera while covered in talcum powder.

Stephanie said this photo was taken during her breakdown (Credit: Instagram @stephaniedavis88)

She explained in the caption: "Here's a photo of me, during my breakdown with talc all over my head for whatever reason I was thinking at the time, that my aunty took listening to Lonely Together [by] Rita Ora alone on repeat.

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"My eyes are black inside as you can see, I'd say they were dead inside. I was suffering SO much with depression, feeling SO suicidal and Absolutely TRAPPED.

My eyes are black inside as you can see, I'd say they were dead inside. I was suffering SO much with depression, feeling SO suicidal and Absolutely TRAPPED.

"Whilst feeling like this I had the press ridiculing me every day, I felt like I was DROWNING trying to defend myself and trying to prove to strangers I was a good person when I was literally on the brink and not well when I shouldn't have had to, I knew the truth would shine through and people would see eventually, I just had to stay true to me!

Stephanie urged fans to reach out if they need help (Credit: Andy Barnes / Flynet - SplashNews /

"I had people online giving me hate and abuse for things, if they actually went through, they never would have got through HALF of what I did! So I'm there trying to put on a brave face because of ridicule when I was dying inside and giving up on life."

Stephanie continued: "People presume people are okay and that it's okay to point fingers and jump on the bandwagon to try and make themselves look better. THINK before you do!! You never know what someone is going through behind closed doors!!

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"So here's me behind closed doors when I was seriously seriously struggling. If anyone is feeling low or lost or struggling, suicidal or confused as why there feeling the way they do, REACH OUT!!! It seems scary, I totally understand but TRUST me, once you say them three words.. I NEED HELP... your journey back to happiness will begin.

"I'm not scared to show this photo or what people say, as long as it can help someone reading this."

Stephanie went on to say that "reaching out" and seeking help is the best thing she ever did, and her son Caben, one, is "living proof" of that.

"Happy and LIVING again. IT'S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY! I'm such a STRONG person now and thankful for my journey as it lets me help others," she said.

"Mental health is real!! Stop the stigma! BE KIND PEOPLE! Your BRAVE not BROKEN! REMEMBER THAT! Check up on people, see if there okay and be kind and supportive! Think before you JUDGE!"

Stephanie has just returned to Hollyoaks three years after being sacked.

She completed a stint in rehab last year for alcohol addiction, after her relationship with ex Jeremy McConnell - Caben's dad - broke down once and for all.

Stephanie recently told OK! Magazine she's in talks to do her own TV documentary about addiction in young people.

"I want to help because this disease takes lives," she said. "If my pain has helped other people then it's all worth it."

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