Steph Davis STILL in labour after more than 48 hours

It's STILL happening!

Stephanie Davis is expecting her first child and went into labour on Tuesday.

Now, a friend of the actress has revealed that she is STILL in labour, meaning it’s been more than 48 hours!

The 26-year-old’s pal told The Sun: “The baby’s taking his time, but we’re hoping that he will arrive today.

“Steph is doing well and is more excited than ever to meet him – she knows he’s worth the wait.”

Speculation first arose that Steph’s waters had broke after BFF Jay Roberts, also the godfather of Steph’s child, tweeted a message.

He wrote: “I’ve never been more excited in my life.”

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Excitement is building: The star's close pal Jay Roberts - who will be the godfather - announced her excitement on Tuesday night

His followers quickly went into melt down, with one writing: “I’m so excited, I’m praying Steph is having her beautiful son soon.”

Another added: “Keep us posted!”

While Steph is preparing to have her son, Jeremy McConnell is enjoying himself on a lads holiday.

Although Jeremy has always denied he is the father of ex Steph’s baby, he dropped a HUGE hint that he is in fact the dad.

The former CBB star upset fans with this Snapchat post

While travelling to sunny Thailand Jez took to Snapchat, and posted: “Waiting for you son.”

Although this seems like a genuine message to his unborn child, a source close to Steph has insisted it was just another dig at her.

The insider said: “This is just another example of Jeremy trying to rile Stephanie.

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“Even when she is hours away from giving birth, he can’t just do the right thing and show her even an ounce of support or respect.

“Perhaps he genuinely doesn’t believe he’s the father of her child – or perhaps he’s just in denial.”

However, a pal of the male model declared Jez was doing nothing wrong by being on holiday as there is still no evidence the baby is his.

They said: “Jeremy is simply having a well deserved holiday in Thailand with his pals.

Stephanie Davis is due to give birth at any moment

“I’m not sure why he’s getting so much grief for posting a selfie of him having a drink.

“He’s young free and single with no ties.

“But of course if the baby is his then I’m sure he’s going to support Steph and the boy.”

Anyway, enough about Jez.

Steph is having her baby!