Steph Davis shares cute snaps of Caben as she declares love for Jez

Stephanie and her "soulmate" Jeremy McConnell celebrate their baby boy's first Easter with adorable pictures

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Stephanie Davis proudly showed off pictures of her cute baby boy enjoying his first Easter, after publicly declaring her love for boyfriend Jeremy McConnell.

Steph shared the snaps of three-month-old Caben-Albi, dressed in a smart outfit his dad Jez had bought for him, with her Instagram followers.

She captioned the photo: “Happy Easter Everyone This is my first Easter! I got lots of eggs which my mummy is helping to eat.. hehe. I love my outfit off my daddy, it makes my eyes look extra blue! Thanks daddy! Hope you all have a great day.”

She also shared another adorable snap of her son, joking that he had a combover hairstyle.

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Easter was clearly a time of happy families for the couple, who met on Celebrity Big Brother last year but have endured a very rocky and turbulent relationship since then.

They dated for a few months before breaking up, and when Stephanie announced she was pregnant,  Irish model Jez initially denied that the baby was his.

But – after being reunited following the baby’s arrival – the couple now seem to be happily loved-up again, as Stephanie declared her love for Jeremy online and called him her “soulmate”.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote: “No matter what people say, no matter what people feel.. we have been though the most major ups and downs. He’s been wrong, I’ve been wrong.. but I LOVE him. I met him un expectedly on cbb, but what you seen was TRUE LOVE!!

“When you go though that, with money and media, anyone in the industry would understand… ours was just played out in front of the nation.

“He is my soul mate and I love him, you never give up on the one you love do you…. Jezz got a little lost, but who hasn’t f**ked up in life?? I know I have….Just so happens ours is played through the media. And no we haven’t been adults about it alot, and it’s been wild, but when your so in love with someone, passion gets the best of you!

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“He’s my rock my soul mate and I love him with ALL my heart!! Do you think we would put each other through this for fun??????No… its because we match. And u seen us fall in love. And forever I will always love him. My best friend, my everything.

“Words couldn’t describe the love I have for him! I love u baby and so proud of you. U will make Caben proud and can’t wait for us to be a family again. I LOVE you!!!! Your baby, stephanie @jeremymcconnellcooke when you love someone.. you never give up.” [sic]”