Steph Davis shared video of Caben-Albi ‘talking’ but fans are convinced he’s saying ‘Daddy’

Is he missing his father?

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Stephanie Davis has shared a very sweet clip of her little Caben-Albi trying to talk at seven months.

The 24-year-old is focusing on her little one after all the drama with Caben’s father Jeremy McConnell.

Sharing the video on Instagram, the Celebrity Big Brother star revealed that her son is quite the chatterbox.

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Alongside the short clip, she wrote: “All he does is try to talk all day every day😂😂 my mad little man😍 my world, I’m so blessed to be a mother, it truly is the best thing in the world❤️ #myfamalam #precious #blessed 🙏”.

Holding her little boy in her arms, he starts making noises but a few people seem to think he was trying to say ‘Daddy’.

One Twitter user messaged Jeremy and said: “Hi Jeremy just seen a video on Instagram of your little boy saying daddy so cute hope you get to see him soon xxxxx”.

Another agreed, and said: “I also think he said Daddy bless him.He can sense he hasn’t seen him.Hopefully soon”.

Steph also posted the video to Instagram, where another user commented: “Wow he said daddy.”

Steph has been carrying on with her life now that Jeremy is out of hers.

The former couple, who fell in love in CBB have had everything from affairs to physical assaults being alleged.

Steph recently tole the Mirror that her Irish model ex had bouts of paranoia due to a “coke problem”, once threatened to kill himself, and even gave her an STD.

Speaking just days after she was arrested for allegedly attacking Jez in a late-night hotel brawl, Steph recalled how, earlier this year, a coke-fuelled Jeremy flew into a fit of jealousy after their two-month-old son Caben fell ill.

She claims that after the tot was taken to hospital, Jeremy didn’t stick around but instead jetted off to Ireland for what he described as a friend’s leaving drinks.

“I then got messages saying apparently I’d taken Caben to a different hospital to be with someone else,” she explained. “That I must be having an affair in a hospital and he could prove it because the blankets were a different colour.

“It was completely absurd, but he has these psychotic episodes on coke where he’s so paranoid about everything.”

She explained that Jez’s mental state got so bad that on one occasion, he left the house, “then said he was killing himself and wouldn’t answer his phone”.

And Steph also revealed that her boyfriend’s finger-pointing turned out to be a case of pot-kettle-black, and that she later discovered it was Jeremy who’d had an affair.

She even suggested to the Mirror that the ‘leaving drinks’ had all been a ruse to cover up a saucy break he was having with a Love Island beauty.

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And shortly after, she said Dubliner Jeremy passed on an STD to her, leaving her devastated.

“Who gives someone they really love chlamydia?” she said.”If he really loved me, why would he give me an STD?”

Steph, who confessed she’s had counselling to help her cope with the trauma of the relationship, suggested that the couple’s latest altercation could be the last straw.

“He has NO respect,” she said. “I have no words and don’t think Jeremy will EVER understand all he has done to me, and that’s what hurts the most.”

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