Steph Davis FINALLY ready to reveal all about ex Jeremy O’Connell

Doubtless he will have plenty to hit back with...

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You might think you know everything about Steph Davis’ life, but you’d be wrong.

Even though the gorgeous mum-to-be is splashed across the tabloids on a weekly basis, fans have only got to know a small part of what has really been going on in her life.

Until now that is.

Speaking on Loose Women, the former Hollyoaks star revealed she is planning to release a very revealing memoir that will finally set the record straight.

SINcere, as the book will be called, will be the first time that Stephanie will speak out and reveal the truth behind the many headlines.

The eagerly-anticipated page-turner has been described as a ‘frank, funny and hard-hitting’ story and will see her open up about finding fame as an innocent young actress and getting caught up in the darker side of celebrity.

She will talk candidly about “hitting rock bottom, unravelling in public and triumphantly turning her life around for her first baby” and will also speak openly about past relationships, and the ups and downs of being in the spotlight.

So what can we expect from the book?

Well,  Stephanie is expected to touch on various relationships in her life, including one that resulted in her trying to take her own life.

More excitingly, she is also expected to open up about what really happened in her relationship with One Direction’s Zayn Malik. Earlier this year she admitted she split from the pop hunk after she discovered he had been seeing Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.

But of course fans of Celebrity Big Brother will be desperate to find out what really went on in her relationship with Jeremy O’Connell.

Steph is expected to reveal all about what happened after the pair left the Big Brother and tell he truth about what went on between them both behind closed doors.

The book, which is due out next June, will also finally reveal the real reason she left Hollyoaks, the dark side of fame and look back at her innocent days as child actor in Liverpool.

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