Steph Davis in hospital with mystery illness!

Or has she actually given birth prematurely in secret?

Has Stephanie Davis given birth to her son in her secret, even though she’s not due until January?

Well, that’s the latest shock rumour on the grapevine.

Whispers began circulating over the weekend after Stephanie was forced to pull out of a planned appearance on Loose Women at the end of the week and went suddenly quiet on social media.

But don’t get too excited just yet. Stephanie hasn’t given birth prematurely – and apparently is still very much pregnant.

In fact, things could be a little more serious as Stephanie has actually been in hospital for several days with a mystery illness.

A spokesperson for the former Hollyoaks star has said: “Stephanie Davis has been subject to a number of rumours online the last few days regarding her pregnancy.

We can confirm Stephanie has been in hospital since Wednesday 2nd November due to an illness and is currently undergoing further tests.

“We would like to confirm that Stephanie has not given birth and her unborn baby boy is doing well.”

Well, fingers crossed all is well. Get well soon Steph!

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