Steph Davis forced off social media as ‘pal’ leaks hurtful stories

How can people be so mean?

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It has felt like a lifetime since Stephanie Davis announced she was pregnant, but has the former Hollyoaks star finally popped out her baby boy?

Well, that’s what fans of the talented singer and actress are thinking.

Speculation arose after Stephanie suddenly stopped posting on social media which, of course, is pretty odd for her.

But a friend has supposedly said she hasn’t gone into labour.

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In fact, it turns out she’s been quiet on social media since Boxing Day because someone has been busy posting hurtful stories about her.

“Someone close to Steph is leaking false and hurtful stories which, at this stage of her pregnancy, Steph is finding it hard to cope with – so she has come off social media for the time being,” a friend told the Mirror.

“She doesn’t understand who would do this to her, all for a quick buck,” the source added.

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Steph’s last Instagram post showed her caressing her baby bump after a day of chowing down on tasty Christmas tucker.

And she hasn’t posted anything since.

But before she signed off, Steph took time out to post a touching love letter to her unborn son.

“It’s been a tough hard 9 months but we have had each other. I have carried you…yet you have also carried me, in ways you couldn’t imagine.

“I’ve loved carrying you and protecting you inside, but soon it’s time for you to arrive and open your beautiful eyes into this world.

“I can’t wait to kiss them little feet that have been sticking out of my sides that I have felt.

“To see your face after feeling you hiccup so much.

“To get to hold you and kiss you all over and tell you how much I love you but in person instead of through my tummy.

“To sleep holding your tiny hand instead of holding my stomach. It’s been a journey I could never imagine, and from the early stages I looked at Christmas on the calendar and could never imagine us getting here and saying… we did it……. and look at us we have!

“Certain People brought us down, said I wasn’t pregnant, made my life a living hell, hoping I wouldn’t get back up from where they pushed me down, but I got back up and twice as strong… and that’s because of you.

“My little boy, my life my world my everything, you come first and always will.

She finished: “I can’t wait to look at your little body and think wow I created that, through stress through it all I made the most incredible strong little baby boy, so strong.

“Until I get to hold you my little babs…. I love you, so so much, for now forever and always …my entire world…. I love you… Love Mummy xxx I’ll be seeing you soon xxx

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