Steph Davis breaks silence after alleged Jez McConnell attack

She's concentrating on her baby

As we’ve always said, the lives of Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell just give and give.

In the past week alone we have seen so much drama in their lives that there must be some TV company out there kicking themselves that they haven’t approached them to star in their own reality show…

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At the start of the week Stephanie aroused suspicion that something was up when she unfollowed Jeremy on social media (a bit of a major deal if you’re under 30).

Then she posted a picture of her dipping her bruised legs into a bath.

The next thing we know Jez has been arrested by police on suspicion of attacking Steph.

After a few days of radio silence, the former Hollyoaks star has broken her silence.

But she hasn’t commented on those reports…

Instead she posted a picture of her two month old son Caben’s bedroom instead.

In an Instagram post she wrote: “Cabens wardrobes and Cot up in his new room. Still lots to do but it finally feels like home.

“Thankyou to my dad for helping all today with Building Everything hope your backs not to sore. Just to finish it off now💙 [sic]”

She also posted a lovely picture of Caben smiling, alongside the comment “My Ray Of Sunshine☀️ Love waking up to this little face
Makes me smile 💛 What Sundays are all about.”

According to reports Steph was in tears when she called the police about the alleged incident last week.

Jeremy, who had gone home to Dubin, was ordered back to Merseyside to be quizzed by police on Thursday afternoon.

A police spokeswoman confirmed: “Following a report of an assault at an address in Liverpool, a man has this morning (March 16) been arrested.

“A 27-year-old man from Liverpool city centre has been arrested on suspicion of assault and criminal damage after voluntarily attending a police station on Merseyside. He remains in police custody for questioning.”

Now it has been reported that Jeremy is giving up the lease on his Liverpool flat and going home.

He had previously said he was looking forward to becoming a dad to Caben, in spite of doubting that he was the baby’s father during the pregnancy.

“I one hundred per cent want joint custody,” he said.

“I am serious about being a good dad if the child is mine.

“If I need to go through the courts to get access to my son then so be it – I will take the necessary action to make sure I am a part of my son’s life.

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“I really hope it doesn’t get to that point and we can come to an agreement amicably and as adults – as two loving parents with our child’s best interests at heart.

“I love kids, and I’ve always wanted a family.”