Steph Davis blasted for giving out relationship advice on Big Brother

Viewers said she definitely wasn't an expert

Steph Davis has been criticised for sharing her opinion on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

The Liverpool-born star hooked up with Jeremy McConnell in the Big Brother house in 2016, despite having a boyfriend.

Now, she’s turned into a relationship guru when talking about two of the housemates – Ellie Young and Lotan Carter.

The Hollyoaks star gave her two penny’s worth on the Big Brother contestants (Credit: Channel 5/BBBOTS)

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Steph, 24, said that Ellie was falling for Lotan “like a little puppy”, and that he would “break her heart”.

Chatting to host Rylan Clark-Neal she said: “Babe, he is gonna break her heart.

“Literally, she is falling for him and … I feel like he’s gonna get with everyone in the house. And I feel he needs a bit of a pep talk from Joe to teach him how to be a gentleman.

Steph thinks Ellie is going to get her heart broken (Channel 5/BBBOTS)

“He’s not into her, at all, and she’s fallen like a little puppy for him.'”

Despite Steph admitting that she was “on/off, on/off, on/off with Jeremy”, she still got a lot of stick from viewers at home.

One shared on Twitter: “Oh ghad, Steph Davis is back in the form of Relationship Guru on #BBBOTS Bored of her & her on/off on/off “Relationship”.

Another accused her of being a hyprocrite.

Most people just found it funny!

Another thought that “she should be the last person giving advice”.

On the other hand, most just couldn’t help noticing her hair and mocked her as it looked “like it’s sliding off her head”.

The star has recently got herself in a lot of hot water after being the new relationship expert for the Mirror.

On the topic of a showmance in the Big Brother house, she said: “If you’re doing it for the wrong reason it won’t last.

“Loads of people have tried to copy us, just look at Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor! They were trying to copy me and Jez so badly that you could just see through it – and look what that happened.

“Adding her own thoughts on what it’s like finding love on CBB /BB, adding: “Now, I wouldn’t change what Jeremy and I have, or how we met. It’s made us who we are, and I love that.

“What I will warn all these girls and boys is that it’s so much harder on the outside. You need to keep your feet on the floor, or things could go awry – your friends and family can’t be traded for anything.”

Marnie Simpson has since tweeted: “God Stephanie Davis is such a delusional individual. I [genuinely] feel sorry for her.”

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Here comes another reality star rivalry!