Anxious mum-to-be Stephanie Davis in baby scan drama

CBB star worried about unborn tot’s growth

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Another day, another Stephanie Davis drama.

Like every expectant mum, the former Hollyoaks star has revealed that she is having a few worries about her unborn child.

The anxious mum-to-be has revealed that she is concerned after doctors told her that her baby swell is a lot bigger now than it should be.

Speaking in her pregnancy blog for OK! Online, she said: “I have another growth scan this Friday to see what’s going on in my belly. I’ll be having a few of these because my belly is bigger then it should be at this stage.

“I’m always nervous about these things because you just worry about everything when you’re pregnant.

“I hate it when they go quiet but everything should be fine.”

However, in spite of her fears, Steph said that having her scan means she gets a chance to have a look at her son again, which fills her with joy!

‘I get to see him again too which is really comforting after such a bad start to the pregnancy. After all those pains and the stress it’s nice to see him and keep an eye on him.’

In spite of her concerns, Stephanie cheered her self up with a new cropped hair do that she debuted on instagram with the message: ‘It was time for a change. New energy. New attitudes.’

Meanwhile, Steph has rubbished reports she’s dating again and says that if she was, she’d keep her gob shut.

“I don’t know this guy who I’m apparently dating now – literally haven’t got a clue!” she says. “He’s not my boyfriend – I’ve never met him before in my life.”

She added: “If I was to get in a relationship, I will definitely be keeping it more private.

“When I think I’m onto something good there’s no way I will be putting it out there straight away unless it was impossible.

“I will want to keep it special for me and not in the limelight because everyone ends up knowing every little move and I don’t want that.”

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