Steph Davis and Jeremy McConnell still at war over baby’s DNA test

Will these two ever work it out?

Stephanie Davis has revealed that she will not be “pressured” into doing a DNA test by Jeremy McConnell.

The Celebrity Big Brother star is very adamant that Jez is the father of her baby but, when news of her pregnancy broke, he sensationally claimed it wasn’t his, and demanded a paternity test.

The 23-year-old recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Caben-Albi, and she was surrounded by rumours about who the father could be.

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Reality stars Joshua Ritchie and Scotty T were among those names in the frame!

But the Liverpool-born mum has said that she doesn’t want to rush into doing a DNA test.

Talking to OK! magazine, she said: “My son is one hundred per cent Jeremy’s baby – and a paternity test will prove it.

“Jeremy said a long time ago that I wasn’t even pregnant, and then that he wasn’t sure if he was the dad.

“He had to stand by that throughout my pregnancy.”

She has also said that she wants the paternity test to be kept private.

Steph explained: “That’s in the process of being arranged, but any tests that happen will be dealt with privately.

“I’m a new mum and dealing with all that brings, so I will deal with everything in my own time and I won’t feel pressured.

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“My priority is bringing up my son and giving him all the care and love he needs.”

The single mum has also revealed that she had Caben-Albi’s birth filmed so she can watch it back.

We’re all for making memories, but that might be a bit too much…