Step aside John Lewis, this festive advert just won Christmas

You won't believe who produced it...

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Adorable cartoons? Check. Lilting acoustic music? Check. A storyline that will hit you in the feels? Check. Christmassy? Check.

This could only be one thing: the John Lewis Christmas advert. Right?

Well, actually it’s not. Instead it comes from media studies student Nick’s A-level coursework. Our coursework definitely didn’t look as polished as this…

Answering a few questions about the video on his YouTube, Nick says that he made the video alongside an essay on how successful John Lewis’s marketing campaign has become.

“As far as I remember I think it got full marks,” he says, and we couldn’t agree more with the result.


It doesn’t look like a last-minute job at all to us, but Nick says: “The actual production took about two weeks including rendering. It was a very rushed piece, I’ve left it till the last month to do it.”

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Nick says that he wasn’t going to upload the video because “I’m fairly critical of my work”, but we’re sure glad he did.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Nick admitted the moving video only cost him a few snacks, while John Lewis have reportedly shelled out a staggering £7-8m on the advert.

When asked by hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway what grade he got, Nick smiled: “The video got full marks, but not sure about the essay!”

“I’ve always been a fan of John Lewis adverts and when we think of Christmas, we think of John Lewis,” added the student.

Questioned whether the high street favourite have got in touch with him, Nick simply replied: “No, they haven’t, no.

We wouldn’t be surprised if John Lewis starts knocking down his door pretty soon, however…

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The creative animation has now reached over 450,000 people and viewers took to social media to express their love for the detailed one minute 25 second YouTube clip.

The John Lewis advert has become a major part of the festive season over the years, from Monty the penguin to last years Man on the Moon.

With this years advert due to broadcast for the first time Thursday, the director has hinted they are likely to strike a less emotional version.

“We had a great response for Man on the Moon, but there were a few murmurings about it being a bit too sad, so we’ve been really thinking about that,” she said.

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