Stay-at-home mum urged to ‘invoice’ lazy husband for childcare after he says he earns ‘100% of the money’

He works five days, she works 24/7…

Although it is most definitely rewarding, being a stay-at-home mum can, at times, be pretty draining.

While it’s no doubt lovely being able to nurture your kids as they grow and watch their development every step of the way, sometimes it’s a pretty thankless task.

Especially when your other half stays in bed half the weekend, leaving you on your own with the kids and the housework yet again.

One woman took to online parenting forum Mumsnet to ask for advice after her husband did just that.

One woman has been advised to invoice her husband for the work she does around the house (Credit: Adobe Stock)

And, when they argued about him getting up and lending a helping hand, he told her that he earned “100% of the money” and was therefore entitled to a rest.

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Needless to say the mummy community was up in arms – with one even suggesting that the woman “invoice” her husband for all of her hard work when it comes to looking after the kids and keeping the family home in order.

The woman posted: “I’m a happy stay-at-home mum but this weekend, because of the weather, we were stuck indoors with a baby and a toddler.”

The severe weather forced the woman to stay indoors with a baby and a toddler (Credit: Pexels)

She continued to reveal that her husband “stayed in bed till 2.30pm on Saturday and we had a big row about it. Sunday was much the same, and when we were arguing I said I do 100% of the childcare and need a break or at least some help from time to time.”

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She added: “His reply: ‘Well I make 100% of the money.’ This comment is still really bugging me.”

The woman said she felt like she should get a job “just to shut him up and he’ll have to do 50% of childcare – which he definitely won’t”.

The woman said her husband stayed in bed till 2.30pm on Saturday and Sunday (Credit: Adobe Stock)

The replies came thick and fast.

“Give him an invoice for everything you take care of, childcare, meals, shopping, cleaning etc etc,” said one.

When we were arguing I said I do 100% of the childcare and need a break or at least some help from time to time.

Another added: “He is being very unreasonable. At the weekend, everything should be shared. Why does he get to have a job for five days and your job is 24-7?”

“How much does he actually make then?” another asked. “I would be sorely tempted to tally up the market rate for all of the done stock services you provide.”

One asked why the man worked five days a week yet the woman worked 24/7 (Credit: Pexels)

However, the best reply surely came from a woman who told the mum to get up and dressed and just leave her husband indoors with the kids.

“Next available opportunity I’d get dressed and out the door before 9am. Give him a nudge and a kiss on your way out and say: ‘X has this and that for breakfast, Y has this. I’m off out, see you later bubs.'”

Oh how we’d love to be a fly on the wall if that happened…

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