Stars congratulate Beyoncé – but one reality star reignites beef!

You'll never guess who thinks this announcement is "weird"!

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When news broke that Beyoncé was expecting twins, the world was united in love for the expectant mum.

Stars and fans alike were so thrilled by the surprise announcement, that they didn’t waste time in tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking and even just talking about their excitement that the world’s most famous singer is with child again.

Among the many stars who congratulated Bey and her hubby Jay Z, was Rihanna, who said “So excited about this news!!! Congratulations to you Beyoncé and my big brother Jay Z.”

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Even Rita Ora, the woman who was rumoured to be the girl Beyoncé was scathing about in lyrics on her last album, paid tribute to the happy nappy couple, writing: “Congratulations, so beautiful!”

Other stars such as Piers Morgan and Dancing With The Stars winner Nyle DiMarco – a twin himself – sent messages of congratulations.

While Bryce Dallas Howard took time out to say that the good news was just what we need in the troubled world today, commenting, “I think we all really needed this!”

But not all celebs were as excited about the news.

Reality star and professional weight gainer Chanelle Hayes posted: “Am I the only person who find this photo totally weird. I get it.”

Her lack of enthusiasm should come as no surprise to anyone as a couple of years she made it quite clear she is no fan of Beyoncé.

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Back in 2014, the former Big Brother legend sniped: “Really gone off Beyonce lately. I used to LOVE the woman but lately I’ve started to think she might secretly be an egotistical nasty bitch!”

Ooooh! Tough talk, lady!

Of course, Beyoncé must be frothing at the gob at the flaming cheek of Chanelle, but we reckon she’s got bigger things on her mind.

Although the queen of pop decided to announce her out-of-the-blue news by Instagramming a super cute picture of her baring her bump (Cheryl , we hope you’re taking notes), it was rumoured that she had originally planned to reveal all instead at the Grammy’s next week.

However, as it’s strongly believed that she is expected to scoop Best Album award for her 2016 release Lemonade over Adele’s 25, it was decided to announce the pregnancy ahead of time so as not to outshine her potential win.