EastEnders star shares grisly behind-the-scenes photos from THAT fall

Hold on to your lunches...

It’s nice to see that even in the filming of serious moments on a soap, the cast can still have a laugh and share a piccie.

Jake Wood, who plays naughty Max Branning in EastEnders, showed better than anybody when to make light of a dire situation.

In the middle of filming the scenes where his screen daughters, Abi and Lauren fall from the roof of The Queen Vic, he found time for a cheeky selfie with both girls.

No glamour or filters here though, as the girls were covered in blood and wearing neck braces.

Don’t worry, it was all fake, of course.

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He posted the pic on Twitter, and both Lorna Fitzgerald (Abi) and Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren) retweeted it, much to the delight of fans.

“Love these pics. Brilliant. Jake you must be exhausted. Amazing actor x” wrote one fan, while another added: “You’re all amazing and we’ll definitely miss the scenes with the 3 of you in together.”

A third agreed, tweeting; “You’re all amazing thoroughly enjoyed watching the eps over Christmas.”

Jacqueline had also joined in with the larking about, when she posted a shot of herself and Lorna on Instagram in dressing gowns, with the caption ‘That day we fell of a roof’.

She also referred to another soap storyline when she retweeted a post from 2016 which featured a meet up of The Brannings, including Bradley and Stacey.

The post hilariously said ‘Half of us have now fallen off the same roof!’

Yes, that does seem to be very careless. First Bradley, then Lauren and Abi  – for the love of GOD, Mick Carter, put up some railings!

And keep little Oscar well away!

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It’s common knowledge that both girls will be leaving the soap, Lorna is starring in play The Shadow Factory in Southampton which will also be her stage debut.

Jacqueline is going off for a bit to enjoy being a mummy, and as we still don’t know if her character is being killed off or not, it could mean an open door for her to return.

Fans have been speculating that Lauren will leave Walford with Abi’s baby daughter, who was born during Friday night’s episode, despite Abi being declared brain dead.