Coronation Street star reveals they had an ‘out of body experience’ as Pat Phelan kills again

Talk about spooky!

Coronation Street’s evil Pat Phelan has claimed yet another victim – this time Luke Britton found himself meeting a grizzly end thanks to the notorious murderer.

But while viewers reacted to last night’s double bill of Corrie in shock, Dean Fagan – who has played Luke for the last four years – has revealed that watching his character die in a car explosion was like an “out of body experience.”

Luke found himself in grave danger as he confronted Phelan at the deserted mill (Credit: ITV)

“I felt quite emotional about it,” he told Digital Spy. “I didn’t get to play Luke’s death out on screen, for most soap deaths the actor gets to hold their breath, lying in a hospital bed, or on the Street.”

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Luke’s demise came after he confronted serial killer Phelan over the disappearance of his friend, Andy.

Viewers know that Andy met his maker after Phelan killed him and hid his body in a lake at an abandoned mill, before telling Luke that Andy had gone travelling around the world.

Luke has been trying to find his friend Andy for months – but getting closer to the truth has landed him in danger (Credit: ITV)

But Luke has been getting closer to the truth over the last few months, but before he could go to the police with his findings, the Cobbles killer made sure he was silenced forever as the pair fought it out at the mill.

In last night’s double bill, viewers were given hope that Luke might survive being hit over the head by Pat Phelan when he escaped the villain in his car.

Phelan was a murderer on a mission (Credit: ITV)

But as a car chase ensued, Phelan forced Luke’s vehicle off the road, leaving him trapped.

Pat then grabbed his gun and shot the mechanic in the chest… but when that didn’t finish him off, he fired at the car’s petrol talk, leaving the lad to burn to death in the explosion. Nice.

Luke was in a bad way after being hit over the head by Phelan (Credit: ITV)

Dean admitted that filming those final scenes were more than surreal… “I didn’t realise Luke was going to burn to death. I thought he would be dead from the gunshot, so to watch that explosion and watch the car burn knowing ‘Luke’, someone I had known and played for the last four years was ‘in there’ was weird.

Luke’s demise finally came when his car went up in a fireball (Credit: ITV)

Even though Luke is a character, it’s still you, so it’s a bit like watching your own demise. Physically standing there and watching four years of your life going up in a fire ball is quite a big thing.

I was like Luke’s soul standing there and watching him die.”

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Dean has already got his next venture lined up now he has bowed out of Corrie. You can see him in a play for the Hope Mill Theatre Company called D’Eon, which starts in February.

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