Star of classic 90s kids show hints at big return to ITV

Calling all big kids, who love FUN

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Pat Sharp and his famous twin co-hosts of the kids’ show Fun House went on Good Morning Britain to talk about the good ol’ days and hint at a TV comeback.

Pat, who is now 55, said that people are eager for them to bring the show back, which began in 1989 and became very popular with the children of the UK.

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His co-hosts were twins Melanie and Martina Grant, 45, who were famous for their distinct colour co-ordination, with one always wearing red and the other in yellow.

The famous twins donned their reminiscent colourful outfits (Credit: ITV)

The ladies zoomed into the studio on go karts which were reminiscent of their days on Fun House, and GMB presenters Susanna and Ben asked Pat whether he would grow his hair back to that famous mullet he used to have on the show.

Pat said he would grow his mullet back if a donor pledged £650,000, which is the target amount of money to be raised to fund their dream of creating a theme park type attraction in the style of the old show, which adults could enjoy. They are trying to achieve this vision while hoping that they will also make a television comeback at some point aswell.

He said: “But first things first, we have been on telly, we thought we’d now make a live adult attraction for people who wanted to always be on the kids’ show but never could…

“Because there were only a few people on there. Now you can go along and you guys can play.”

Once upon a time Pat had a mullet on Fun House (Credit: ITV)

He continued: “We thought it might be tricky but we’ve got a fair amount of money already – people seem keen on it and we’re hoping that it will go all the way.”

As part of the theme park attraction there will be go karts and a DJ, and Susanna asked him if he would be the one DJ-ing to which he jokingly replied: “No it’ll be someone good.”

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The money is being raised via crowdfunding and so far they have managed to raise £50,000 out of the £650,000 target. Still a bit of a way to go then!

Those who pledge money get tickets to the live attraction if it opens, as well as other rewards. And if it comes to fruition, the attraction will be in London.

The much-loved Fun House show could become a theme park type attraction (Credit: CITV)

Fun House made its debut on CITV in 1989 and ran for 10 years, with many children (and adults) dreaming of one day getting to go through the fun house themselves with all its obstacles and go kart racing.

If it goes ahead there will be inflatables, slides and a huge ball pit and teams will go head to head to race through the course. But if they don’t raise enough money then everyone who pledged their support will get their money back. It would be a shame though as we’d love to see the Fun House come to life!