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Martin Roberts in A&E dash: What is his condition cellulitis?

Get well soon Martin!

Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts was involved in a dash to A&E over the weekend after a pre-existing condition flared up.

Martin, 58, took to Twitter to document his ordeal, but what was wrong with him?

What happened to Martin Roberts?

On Saturday evening (July 24), Martin tweeted an image that showed his foot looking painful and swollen.

He was on a camping holiday and he couldn’t believe it was happening.

He said: “Bloody cellulitis has flared up again and it’s spread to my other leg too.

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“The chemists wouldn’t give me the antibiotics I’d been prescribed, despite seeing my leg, due to a ‘system error’ and no recognition of how serious this is.

“Thank you so much @LloydsPharmacy so A&E 4me.”

Throughout the night Martin tweeted at various intervals, showing fans what was happening.

He warned them that his condition could lead to sepsis and it’s always worth taking your health seriously.

Furthermore, he said that he had received intravenous antibiotics for the condition.

At 4am on Sunday morning, Martin said that his “mega dose of antibiotics” had finished.

And after his ordeal, Martin tucked into a well-deserved burger at an all-night McDonald’s.

What is cellulitis and why is it dangerous?

The NHS says cellulitis is a nasty bacterial skin infection that can affect all parts of the body.

The infection makes skin painful, and feel hot and swollen.

Affected areas usually look red, but this may be less obvious on brown or black skin.

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Treatment is usually antibiotics from the doctor.

Or if it’s a recurring condition, low-level antibiotics over a longer period of time.

However, as Martin explained, if untreated it can become extremely painful and very dangerous.

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