EastEnders fans baffled by Ben Mitchell’s exit in more ways than one

A few are disappointed with the plot

It’s been well-known for some time that Ben Mitchell is leaving EastEnders and fans have been promised an exciting exit plot.

So they were somewhat perplexed after last night’s episode when Ben, played by Harry Reid, slipped off quietly into the night in a taxi.

The mechanic shut up shop, packed his bags and told only his mum Kathy that he was going away as he made his escape.

He’s gone on the run after it was revealed on Monday that he’s the one behind the theft of the heist money.

In Ben’s final scenes in Albert Square, he was seen having a last loving look around his home before kissing a ring in memory of his late boyfriend Paul, then climbing into the taxi with a suitcase full of stolen money.

Viewers were underwhelmed by the scenes with many asking “was that it?”

“Is that Ben’s last ep?! I hope not!” said one on Twitter. Others agreed, saying: “Ben deserves better.”

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Others were baffled by the speed in which Ben’s exit storyline has played out, as he left without even saying goodbye to his “brother” Jay Brown, who he just left a note instead, while their friend Abi Branning’s life hangs in the balance.

But even more confusing for some was Ben’s choice of transport – a taxi all the way from East London to Dover to catch a ferry.

He may be loaded now, but many found this too extravagant when he could have caught a train!

Others were amused by Ben’s instructions when he booked the cab.

“Can you tell the driver to park right outside the house? I want to go straight from the house into the cab,” he said.

Err, isn’t that what everyone does?!

But don’t worry guys, this is EastEnders and of course that wasn’t how Ben leaves the show as it is going to be much more dramatic!

The returning Mel Owen watched Ben leave and intends to catch up with him to get the stolen loot back.

Since last night’s episode aired, the BBC have released teaser pictures of tonight’s installment showing a worried looking Ben trying to make his escape at Dover.

Another picture shows Mel, played by Tamzin Outhwaite, also made it down to the coast.

So will she stop him getting across The Channel? And if so how?

Will a door be left open for him to return or will he be bumped off for stealing the money?

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Fans can find out tonight and hopefully they won’t be disappointed this time.

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