Emmerdale star horrified after discovering she’d eaten DONKEY

She must have felt such an ass when she found out

There are a few things you shouldn’t do when you’re the president of an animal welfare sanctuary and eating donkeys is probably one of them.

TV star Gemma Atkinson has told The Sun that she has unfortunately fallen foul of that rule by chowing down on a poor defenceless Eeyore while she was in China.

However, she has made it very clear indeed that she didn’t have a clue what she was being served up at the time.

The actress, who is in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing line-up, admitted that she dined out on donkey during a trip to China.

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Gemma, 32, told The Sun: “I was served a really weird-looking meat in China. It was donkey — I felt so disgusted!”

Apparently, donkey burgers are a delicacy in the Hebei province of China which is near Beijing.

Gemma is a true animal lover though, not, it seems, a vegetarian – she eats white meat, which has helped her sculpt her amazing body.

However, she also happens to be president of the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Bury where she grew up.

The sanctuary’s website says it actually looks after farm animals and one resident named Flash.

Flash is a rather sweet looking silver donkey who is currently starring on the charity’s Facebook page.

The website says: “Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary is a charity committed to caring for dogs, cats, equine and farm animals and small pets.

“Our aim is to find happy, loving homes for our dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals and those that cannot be re-homed will spend the rest of their days in our care along with our equine and farm animals.”

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Meanwhile, Gemma has said she feels guilty about more than her donkey dinner.

She told BBC Breakfast this week that she felt bad about lying to friends and family to hide her Strictly secret.

“I can finally say I’m doing it! Sorry for lying!” she laughed.

And if you thought she would be a hot contender for the winner’s glitter ball…well we’ll have to wait and see because she’s admitted that even wearing heels will be a challenge.

“I’m looking forward to just learning to dance as it’s out of my comfort zone. Even wearing heels for me is a big thing,” she said.

“Putting me in a sparkling frock is out of my comfort zone.”

We’re sure she won’t make an ass out of herself…

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