Coronation Street star has MAJOR concerns over latest storyline

Are these scenes too raunchy?

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Coronation Street star Faye Brookes has admitted she’s terrified that her passionate lesbian love scenes might be a bit much for the show’s older viewers.

The actress, who has played Kate Connor for two years told The Mirror that she’s never filmed anything so racy before…

“I have never done anything like this in my life. I met my boyfriend when I had to kiss him on stage, but even that wasn’t as racy as what I had to do at Corrie.”

Faye, 30, who is dating Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates, said: “I’ve never seen anything so racy on Coronation Street as when I watched back what we filmed that day.

“I’m very loyal to the older viewers, so I don’t want to upset them, but I think we might have.”

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The attraction has been brewing between Kate and Rana Nazir for weeks now, and viewers saw the pair give into their passions in the back of a catering van when the vehicle broke down in the middle of nowhere.

But the pair were rumbled when Luke Britton came to rescue them – only to find them in the back of his van kissing passionately.

Not surprisingly it went down very well with those watching at home – with some even declaring it the best moment in soap history.

Faye has revealed that while lots of Corrie fans are loving Kate and Rana together and have affectionately given them the couple name Kana, the scenes between her and Bhavna Limbachia are hard work to to film…

“It wasn’t easy, but it wouldn’t be easy if it was a man either. It’s someone you are not familiar with in that way.

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“You work out how you are ­going to do it then put the emotion on top of it and make it believable for viewers, ­especially for the LGBT ­community. This is a big deal for them.

“I think it makes it harder that I’m a straight woman, because everyone knows I’m not gay and it’s the same for Bhavna, but we can’t have any inhibitions, we’ve got to let them go.

“We both wanted to do justice to the storyline so we took our time. We spoke with the director before we stepped on set, had a private meeting and a closed set.”

Faye, who lives in Manchester with boyfriend Gareth, revealed, “There’s a massive weight in representing the LGBT community but I’ve been on Twitter and there are fans who love it and want #Kana to work.

“It’s lovely that we get that instant gratitude from them.”