X Factor star ‘dies’ twice after being bitten by a spider

What an awful experience!

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Spiders are never the nicest things at the best of times, but we reckon that one X Factor star has an extra reason for hating the nasty creepy crawlies.

Scouse singer Christopher Maloney was on his hols in Turkey topping up his tan, when something terrible happened that left him fighting for his life.

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As he was walking along a beach in Bodrum, he was bitten by a spider and suddenly felt ill.

At first he felt a sharp pain in his head but then things got worse as he went into anaphylactic shock.

The next thing he knew his heart stopped beating twice.

All this before he even made it to the hospital.

Now back home in Liverpool, Christopher is on the mend and revealed that the quick thinking of a tourist called Mandy saved his life.

He explained that after he was bitten the guardian angel called for an ambulance to arrive and began to administer mouth to mouth and CPR.

Christopher luckily came round but once he was in the ambulance, his heart stopped twice.

“I was just walking down the beach and I felt something on my head.

“I felt dizzy and I carried on walking and then I just collapsed.

“I could feel my throat start to close up and I thought I was going to die.

“It was an absolutely awful experience.

“I have no idea how it happened.”

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“I was kept in hospital for observation and put on a heart monitor, before my partner Gary took me back to the hotel.”

“If it wasn’t for Mandy I wouldn’t be here. She saved my life – I owe her so much.”

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