Coronation Street star claims she was sexually harassed in shocking Twitter rant

Corrie actress well known for women's rights campaigning has a lot to share

Nicola Thorp’s character in Corrie has been through plenty of ups and downs during her time in Weatherfield.

But it seems like that’s nothing compared to what the actress herself has had to go through during her rise to stardom.

As the Harvey Weinstein abuse scandal continues to send shockwaves through Hollywood, Nicola has sensationally tweeted some of the shocking examples of abuse she’s gone through as a young actress.

In a string of furious tweets, the actress, who plays Nicola Rubenstein in the ITV soap, revealed her experiences as a young actress and she didn’t hold back.

Each one started with a fiery “[bleep] you” to a male person of power that Nicola alleges took advantage of her when she was younger.

One of the accusations happened when Nicola was just 18, with the star writing: “[Bleep] you to the restaurant manager who trapped 18 y/o me in a toilet and cubicle and wouldn’t let me out unless I kissed him.”

And another said: “[Bleep] you to the married director who harassed me with messages asking if I had feelings for him and threatened me when I told him I didn’t.”

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The writer and actress then put her feelings down in a longer text note which she also shared with fans via the social networking site.

She wrote: “These experiences of harassment are not limited to those working in the entertainment industry. Women of all professions are subjected to this kind of unacceptable pressure on a daily basis and are pressured, forced or blackmailed into situations that make them feel uncomfortable, violated and defenceless.”

Fans were quick to praise the actress for speaking out, with one describing the acts as “despicable” and calling Nicola a “shining light” for speaking out.

Thorp finished her crusade by reminding her followers: “If you think you don’t know a woman who has been sexually harassed. You’re wrong. #metoo #itstimeforchange”

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We say bravo to Nicola for speaking up, and hope that her comments will be a help to other women – and men – growing up in the future.