Loose Women star arrives for the show hungover – after nearly setting fire to kitchen

We've all been there this time of the year!

Poor old Nadia Sawalha was nursing a sore head on today’s Loose Women.

The 53-year-old arrived for Thursday’s show apparently feeling a tad “under the weather” after she celebrated Christmas early with her family on Wednesday evening.

It was Andrea McLean who revealed Nadia’s predicament, telling the audience Nadia was a bit “fragile” following her big night.

Nadia was feeling fragile (Credit: ITV)

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A sheepish Nadia, 53, agreed, laughing: “I nearly fell over when I came into the studio!”

She explained: “I had Christmas by accident yesterday. We had all the family over and were [playing games] until about midnight.

“And I nearly set fire to the house trying to cook the duck.”

She gave a cooking demo on YouTube (Credit: YouTube)

Nadia actually had video evidence of that mishap thanks to her Vlogmas Day 20, where she could be seen giving instructions to viewers about how to cook the perfect duck breast.

It was all going so well… until she added a splash of wine to her frying pan.

Cue flames leaping up and Nadia jumping out of the way. “Oh, my God,” she shouted. “Jesus. That’s not supposed to happen!”

Oops! (Credit: YouTube)

“Oh, my heart,” she laughed.

“I nearly set fire to the new kitchen!”

Thankfully, the rest of the cooking went okay, as Nadia managed to cook her duck breasts, make her sauce and feed the family.

And, er, sink some rose wine as well, it would seem!

Nadia told the Loose Women panel: “It was a wild night with friends and family. I think a lot of people are probably a little under the weather today.

“There are lots of Christmas parties going on so I’m not the only one!”

Nadia celebrated Christmas early (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Andrea revealed someone in the canteen thought SHE was hungover earlier, after she tucked into a fry up before the show.

Andrea said she just fancied a full English breakfast, so loaded her plate up in the ITV canteen before Loose Women began.

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But the combo of greasy food and not wearing make-up led one onlooker to comment: “Hungover?”

No, insisted Andrea! Oops!

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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